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mister brightside

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I thought of calling this comic: the lighter side of birth defects, but i don’t think the lil fellow is defective.  I suspect somewhere there are millions of these guys hopping about, not waving at anyone or knitting or anything, but happy just the same.

I’m kind of spent tonight so I’m going to keep it short.  Haiku away and if you still aren’t satisfied remember you can haiku your heart out at Indecent Haiku.

Have a great week and thank you, as always for reading. 🙂
<3 calan

15 Responses to “mister brightside”

  1. michelle Says:

    i am also spent
    it is always hard for me
    to recharge, restore.

  2. DMC_Run Says:

    “Lack of vitamins
    (& particularly “D”)
    has left me droopy”

  3. unconscious ink Says:

    i love all these creature things you are doing lately. you know how much i love creatures and all 😀 Keep ’em comin’ Calan!

  4. ford Says:

    no arms for me now.
    who cares, i dance like crazy.
    your fault i kicked you.

    i think itd be easier to hug that dude, You’d decide when the hug ends.

  5. Kevin Says:

    This made me smile immediately. I have a friend, Jonel, that is not huggy, feely, that reminded me of her. I always feel better after a visit here.

  6. matthew Says:

    He’s a happy little demon sausage isn’t he? 🙂 Love the drawing.

    Wrongly seen a freak
    designed to shun temptation
    is the arm eater.

  7. Seraphine Says:

    so many people are walking around with colds, i don’t want to hug or shake hands with anybody. i’m becoming a germ-a-phobe and washing my hands 10x a day.

    hug me, hug me not,
    no i’m not pulling petals
    i’m pulling your leg.

  8. calan Says:

    thanks for all the haiku action!

    dmc_run – *winks* *nudges* *giggles* 😛

    ford – you’re right. but you would have to catch him first. he’s hoppy and squirmy and stuff. 🙂

    kevin – aw, that’s sweet. now your visit here made me feel better too. 🙂

    sera – you should get the pendant – remember putty (sp?!) in seinfeld (elaine’s boyfriend) had that germaphobe pendant of well…a germ? he was awesome. 🙂

  9. Isaleen Grey Says:

    “Don’t like to be touched”
    he says, but no one listens.
    Time to get the saw.

    too much? lol.

  10. calan Says:

    definitely not too much. hooray for mutilation 😛

  11. Seraphine Says:

    i used to watch that show all the time. thought i’d be great at seinfeld trivia, but i don’t remember david puddy’s pendant! lol

  12. Gabe Says:

    sometimes when we touch
    it makes my insides wriggle
    less hugging would help

  13. coolioness Says:

    Me do not likey
    The hugging and the handshakes
    with stifling arms.


  14. Karen Says:

    I’m a little ill-equipped
    as I’m sure you can see …
    lend a hand, buddy!

  15. calan Says:

    oh my, some of you are naughty! i thought i might be the only one whose mind went there.

    karen, you had me lol’ing for real.

    *hugs gabe*

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