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love is strange painting

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

This is the other painting I did for the Muse show at ArtPool.  What a totally fun night!  I’m not sure if I mentioned that my friend Demi (DemiGod Studio) and I were taking part in the body painting portion of the exhibit.  With some kinks like a no-show model, we got a late start.  Luckily, Demi’s friend Rachel was willing to bare practically all in the name of art and tolerated us covering her in creamy face paint and um..acrylics.  Hope she managed to get it all off without too much hassle.

I have pics of the skulls I entered into the show as well as a few pics of Demi and I with our muse and a few I stole off ArtPool’s MySpace of the amazing work of our fellow artists.  They did a way better job seeing as they knew what they were doing and started hours before us, but still, I think we held our own among the pros.  I really loved it and already have a willing model to do some live body painting on at one of the next Jim Morey Band gigs.  Stay tuned!

See you next week with a proper comic I promise.  It’s been a hectic couple of weeks.  Without further adieu, pics!

day of the dead skulls by calan ree

me, our wonderful model/muse and demi – love and death body painting:

us and our muse body paint

body painted muses at ArtPool:
body painted muses artpool 2/13/09

me and my art
calan ree art at artpool

<3 calan

11 Responses to “love is strange painting”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    haha i love the “bee mine” in the last photo.
    it looks like you had a LOT of fun doing the muse show. yay rachel for coming through for you.
    and ohhh your comic this week is beautiful. it’d make an awesome greeting card too.

    they say love is strange
    in the eye of beholders
    beware the sandman

  2. matthew Says:

    Good job on the painting. Looks good.

  3. calan Says:

    thanks sera and matt! those both might end up as greeting cards, actually.

  4. justme Says:

    alone and exposed
    he could have become hardened
    but she touched his heart

  5. Colleen Sheehy Says:

    I Love this painting, Calan – it looks like my husband and me!

  6. unconscious ink Says:

    this is an awesome painting, probably one of my favorite ones so far.

    …actually, idk.. this or your bee one… they are book really awesome!

  7. ford Says:

    freakin Awsome skulls.
    another one of my few things i like to pretend are true.
    are skulls look like how we are
    gothic, preppy, insane, psychadelic, angry, etc.
    hell, yes.
    the bee mine and new gingerdead are also great =]

  8. Isaleen Grey Says:

    Oh hey! I finally got to the end of your archives. New reader and here to stay! I love your gothic/funny take on webcomics! Thanks for all the great art!!

    reading through, goth art
    funny comic, cool links
    cannot wait for more!

  9. calan Says:

    thanks colleen and u.i. 🙂 i think this is my fave so far too. i mostly cringe at them but this one and the bee i was pretty happy with.

    ford – that’s a really cool concept. it would make a great series of art (paintings or sculpture or whatever) with each piece being a skull of a different stereotype or personality type. idk if you dabble in art at all but if you do, that would really be an interesting theme to play with. 🙂

    isaleen – welcome! thanks for reading and especially for taking the time to comment and haiku. glad your here to stay 😀

  10. Chance Abattoir Says:

    Just noticed that she’s stabbing him 😉

  11. gingerdead.com » Archive » love is still strange Says:

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