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next time try vitamins

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Both Jim and my mom have been playing host to some nasty cooties and I really did try everything to prevent catching it myself, but to no avail.  I’ve been sick all week and the beastly flu seems to have no intention of letting go anytime soon.  Quite frankly, I’m getting sick of being sick.
I’ve still managed to finish two paintings for an upcoming art show and just started painting a skull tonight.  This one is going to be pink.  It seemed like a good idea an hour ago but now that I have the base coat on, I’m having second thoughts.
Due to the sleepy state I’m in, I will skip plugging anything this week.  I would only do a half assed job of it anyway because I’m not in the mood to dig up images and find links and so on.  I did meet an amazing illustrator with a twisted sense of humor, but I really want to do him justice, so it will wait until I’m feeling less icky.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for all the greeting card orders.  Who thought I could get such glee from running to the post-office a few times a week to mail stuff out, but I have.  🙂

Have a great week!

<3 calan GingerDead Gothic Greeting Cards

12 Responses to “next time try vitamins”

  1. Colleen Sheehy Says:

    What a picture! This is how I’ve felt for the last few days also- hope you don’t succumb! (I think I’d like to print it out and take it to my doctor to illustrate how I’m feeling – may I ?)

  2. J Says:

    sweet nectar of life
    vitamins to stave off ills
    juice of the citrus

    feel better calan.

  3. matthew Says:

    Ah, bummer. Stupid viruses! 🙂
    Get better soon. Drink some Irish tea. Works wonders for me. Of course sometimes i forget to add the tea.

    Peaceful dreams in sleep
    Then wake up to misery
    Oh, this stupid cold

    Medicine, soup, tea
    and orange juice til i pee.
    When will i be free?!!

  4. Seraphine Says:

    she, caught in the flu,
    unable to move her head
    was in a pickle

    people in the offices upstairs from mine are sick too. i worry i’ll get sick from the building’s heating ducts or from touching the elevator buttons. so i try not to breathe and i wash my hands frequently. is there a line between being cautious and being a creepy germ-a-phobe?
    i’m sorry you are sick, calan. get better soon.

  5. calan Says:

    thanks everyone

    colleen- you certainly may! hehe. welcome, btw!
    matthew – that last haiku made me lol
    seraphine – it’s worth being a germ-a-phobe i think. this thing just hangs on and on. my mom got better for like a day and then it came back. :O i’m a week into it and not as sick but still congested and getting wicked sinus headaches and am constantly sleepy. blah! it’s more annoying than anything at this point.

    did you ever see the seinfeld germ-a-phobe episode? one of my faves.

  6. joenis Says:

    This has gotta be one of my favorites yet! i love the flu… well you’re drawing of the flu at least.

  7. justme Says:

    yes, that picture is an uncanny likeness of the beastie that’s been stalking my family for a couple of weeks now. on the plus side, we’d been meaning to get flu shots, and now we don’t have to. *cough* *hack*

    influenza bug
    only wants to hold you close
    in its warm embrace

  8. Cady Says:

    Ugh. I have a cold too. I hate how they strike at THE MOST opportune times. I’m reasonably certain that they do it on purpose.

  9. calan Says:

    aww 🙁 at least we can all be sick and miserable together.

    *sneezes on cady and justme and giggles*


  10. Gabe Says:

    pink skulls are golden

    tiny little imps
    swirling through the stratosphere
    propelled by your sneeze

  11. Seraphine Says:

    ha! i love seinfeld. the classic episode about germs is the one where george double dips his cracker. in another episode, one of elaine’s coworkers doesn’t want elaine’s germs, so elaine gives them to her on purpose. i think thats the same one where kramer makes dinner, then tells everyone he prepared it in his shower. groooossssse.

  12. Chance Abattoir Says:

    I really dig the art on this one.

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