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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

This little haiku painting that almost wasn’t.  I hated it when I started it a few months ago, but came across it and thought, maybe it just needs to be finished.  I think it’s kinda cute now and shall gift it to my good friend and hair stylist as a thank you.  🙂

I did a guest comic for the clever little comic called Unconscious Ink by Joenis Norac.  Joenis tends to do little random ‘inklings’ which are often a play the title.  I like playing with words and I dig Joenis’s style so when he asked me to do a guest comic, I had something come to mind immediately.  Two haiku comics for the price of one this week and all you have to do is click here.

Okay, I have something so incredibly worthy to recommend to you.  I’m not just recommending, I’m begging you to rent this film.  Maybe everyone’s seen it and I was just in a hole somewhere when it was released in 2005?  It’s possible.  You know how you saw Pan’s Labrynth and were just floored and craved more of those surreal scenes?  Well practically this entire film is that way.

The film is Mirrormask with the screenplay written by the amazingly storyteller Neil Gaiman and the astounding visual artist David McKean.  If you haven’t seen this film, I promise you a visual art explosion, wonderful storycrafting and a killer soundtrack to boot.  If you hunger for a fairytale feel that isn’t all hokey and disneyified, you’ll love this.  It’s totally bizarre and wonderful and in my opinion, safe for the kiddies as well.  Dark and surreal, but not violent or sexual.  Get it!  I rented it from Netflix and can’t bear to send it back.  I just like keeping it near me.  I watched it with Jim who flipped and is super inspired by the music and then my mom and I’m ready to re-watch it already.  I’m going to have to buy it.

Here’s a kick ass photo montage that includes images from my 3 favorite scenes –

MirrorMask - Film

That’s all for now.  I’ve just finished one painting for the Muse Show at ArtPool on Feb 13th but I want to see about getting another one done and I have hardly begun.

Remember to order your Valentine’s / Anti Valentine’s Day Cards soon.  Thanks to everyone that’s ordered so far.  😀

GingerDead Goth Art on Etsy

See you next week!

<3 calan

16 Responses to “trendsetter”

  1. joenis Says:

    I second your recommendation! I’ve been trying to get more people to watch that movie since it came out! I’m definitely a fan of anything neil gaiman does! You put pictures of two of my favorite scenes too! I love those birds so much, don’t they all just say bob over and over? lol. The floating-fat-molded-together-man-thing is also one of my favorite visual things in the whole damn movie!

    WATCH MIRROR MASK! …ok goodbye.

  2. Monkeybones Says:

    I was completely blown away by Mirrormask, and I’m waiting for Neil Gaiman to make a movie of Anansi Boys (a great book). I can just imagine it would kick ass!

    Nice job on the Key Thief. I think it’s one of your best.

  3. matthew Says:

    Ah, MirrorMask. Saw that 3 days after it came out on dvd and wished i had seen it in the theater. Great movie.

    A true spectacle
    the poetry in motion
    that is Mirror Mask.

    Love the work for your guest comic. Seems MirrorMask inspired.

    Loud angry buzzing
    from impotent displeasure
    that she has no skin.

    Your beautiful hair
    reflects golden in the sun.
    And its great in tea!

  4. Seraphine Says:

    haha i love it!
    lenoir doing an amy winehouse impersonation.

  5. calan Says:

    joenis – bob! bob!

    welcome monkeybones and thanks for the compliment on the key thief. 🙂

    awesome haiku’n matthew. i actually did the guest comic a couple weeks ago prior to seeing the movie but it kinda does feel inspired by it. that’s kind of cool, as if a certain feeling was in the air coming through art and movie rental choices. i should get some coffee in me before i start making comments here. not sure i’m making sense. weeee!

    haha yes sera! i was totally thinking of that trend when i came up with the comic. i think a lot of bubble hair girls will be laughing at pics of themselves in a year or two wondering wtf they were thinking. 😛

  6. justme Says:

    lenoir’s sweet new look
    has the fashion world a-buzz
    she’s so au courant

    you know, i never thought about it before but lenoir must have a supermodel figure under that billowy dress. would it be too suggestive to tell her to eat a cookie?

    your review of mirrormask is so glowing, and the stills so amazing-looking, i just used my gift card to download it from itunes. i haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but I’m looking forward to it.

  7. calan Says:

    hehe great haiku, justme. i don’t think GingerDead would mind being nibbled on by leNoir but she can be rather chompy and then we might only see him via an xray. o.O

    wow, that’s awesome. i’m pretty certain you will love MirrorMask. if you don’t you can bill me for the download. 😛

    <3 calan

  8. Seraphine Says:

    the males mate and die
    it’s mostly sticky inside
    the queen’s honeycomb

  9. roxymotion Says:

    ooo. i love lenoir’s honey hair. lol.
    and all the pictures. they rock. 🙂

  10. justme Says:

    don’t worry calan, i won’t be sending you a bill. 🙂 love it! it’s everything you said it would be. and to think, if you hadn’t mentioned it i might never have known what i was missing. thanks! *clicks ‘post comment’ and switches back to itunes to watch it again*

  11. Kevin Says:

    Sundays may be blue.
    Lenoir’s beehive made me smile.
    I hope you smile too.

    I looking forward to Mirrormask. I enjoyed Pan’s Labyrinth’s story and cinematography. I have loved all things you recommended that I’ve checked out. I know I won’t be disappointed.

  12. Andrew Says:

    I forgot my shoes
    Have you seen them around here?
    Can I borrow yours?

  13. Matthias Says:

    Always remember:
    While imitation is fun,
    Use reference photos.

    MirrorMask is indeed wonderful. Check out Coraline as well, another Neil Gaimon film/book.

  14. calan Says:

    Justme – so glad you loved it, too!

    MonkeyBones – Since your post, I took the Anansi Boys out from the library and finished it last night. Great book. I liked Neverwhere and Smoke and Mirrors better, but definitely enjoyed Anansi as well. Thanks to the flu, I burned through that book in a couple of days and just realized I have nothing to read tonight! …the horror….

    Andrew – i ate your shoes. sowwy 🙁

    Matthias – I’m going to see if I can get Coraline on Netflix now. The book def. wasn’t at my local branch of the library, I’ve read all they had of Gaiman there unfortunately. 🙁 Thanks for the recommendation!

    Kevin – i hope you you get it and love it as much as I. 🙂

  15. Adam_Y Says:

    You know that scene in Mirror mask wher the young lady is on the top of a building? Well, the building opposite is my old flat in Brighton… I was living there at the time this was shot.

    Thank god it wasn’t one of those days I spent wandering around my pad in the buff.

  16. calan Says:

    that’s so cool adam! i’m going to have to look again now. is it right on the sea in the non-dream sequences of the film? must be because brighton is on the sea. i think they might have used my cat in one of the sphinx scenes. it’s the one that says, ‘hungry!’ 😛

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