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resourceful bakers

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Another baking dilemma brings about a new haiku.  Remember when GingerDead tried to make steak and kidney pie?  Please feel free to write your own haiku in the comments area. You know that makes me all sorts of giddy.
Speaking of haiku, I have an awesome link for you.  This one is particularly relevant and geared to my readers and not only my personal whims.  A friend of mine started a new website called Indecent Haiku.  It just launched but is chock full of over 100 humorous haiku and readers are welcome to submit haiku to be published on the site (providing it’s accepted).  I believe the only requirements are that you write an actual haiku, take a stab at it being humorous and probably not too profane (despite the ‘indecent’ in the site name). 😛

The verbage on the site is a bit self-deprecating.  A lot of artists seem to approach their work with the disclaimer of suckitude, but I read a number of haiku today and these far from suck.  In fact, they are pretty damn awesome.  I’m going to subscribe to the newsletter and get the latest updates in my email.  Anyway, check it out and if you feel inclined to, submit a haiku or two.  It’s just like posting here, as it’s a wordpress generated site, so it’s easy peasy.  Besides, it will probably thrill Pip to see new readers actually participate in the haiku action. 🙂

I have a new release this week in the GingerDead Goth and Alternative Greeting Card collection.  It’s an old comic of mine that begged to be a Valentine’s Day card except the art work was hideous.  I redrew it from scratch specifically for the card and am pleased with the results. This one is particularly good if you are so into someone that occasionally you fantasize about eating them.

It’s called Vendetta Passion Haiku and is of course available in my Etsy Store.  Here’s a lil pic of it:
GingerDead - Vendetta Passion Haiku

That’s all for now.  Show me some haiku love (syllables in each line follow the 5,7,5 rule..or break that rule if you want, i’m easy) and I’ll see you next week.
<3 calan

15 Responses to “resourceful bakers”

  1. Mask Says:

    Paste works really well
    for an impromptu topping,
    but, oh, my poor mouth.

    You know, I always wanted to try eating paste, but I could never summon the guts. I’ve eaten cat food and stir-fried worms, but never paste.

  2. Chance Abattoir Says:

    Unrelated, but thought of you:


  3. Chance Abattoir Says:

    Oh, related and made me think of you:


  4. matthew Says:

    LOL!! The indecent haiku sight is so funny. I love it. Gonna have to contribute to it for sure. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    Need a tasty treat?
    Something gooey and sticky?
    Eat up lest it sets.

    All out of icing?
    Guess i will have a paste.
    With beef and rice please.

    Just to clarify, the paste i used in my haiku is 2 syllables 🙂
    Love those things.

  5. Seraphine Says:

    what frosts my cupcake:
    living devoid of pastries
    is life without air

  6. michelle Says:

    tasty little cakes
    oozing forth with creamy goo
    hostess, if you please!

  7. justme Says:

    adhesive dessert
    cements a relationship
    an eternal bond

  8. ford Says:

    I may be at school
    But my mind is in baked goods
    My tummy is sad

    Unless it wears off
    I may be forced to dance now
    The best party high

    I have music or east Asia studies or some thing. If your wondering why at this time I’m in china for a year =\

  9. ford Says:

    justme, I want that on a tshirt

  10. Seraphine Says:

    i’ve never been one for eating paste.
    i liked rolling rubber cement between my fingers,
    forming it into little balls to throw at someone.

  11. joenis Says:

    have you ever tried eating paste? it’s not as good as you would think.. thought i think I’d rather eat it them some frosting that i’ve had before; in some cases they are about equivalent.

  12. calan Says:

    you guys all rock – thanks so much for the haiku love

    chance that link about coffee linked to seeing dead people is awesome! i knew the article about tampa bay area being loaded with coffee junkies…i’m so one of them and i’m not ashamed! 😛

  13. justme Says:

    ford, go for it. 🙂

    but hey–what’s all this about Seattle falling to second place in caffeine abuse? I may have to switch back from decaf now, as a matter of civic pride….

  14. Grab Szenas Says:

    met you at art pool
    told you your style was so cool
    thanks for the intros

    Hi, loved talking to you and Jim and the folks from velvet and Marina. See ya around the burg! Grab

  15. calan Says:

    hi grab! great meeting you too. maybe i’ll see you at the next artpool show on the 13th of feb. i should have a few pieces in that show. working on them now. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a haiku.

    <3 calan

    ps - dunno if you do the myspace thing but we were tagged in a photo together. 😛 i think i added it to my photo album. myspace.com/calanree

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