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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I have super terrific happy news!  My GingerDead Heart Strings Card

GingerDead Heart Strings by Calan Ree

is featured in AP (Alternative Press) Magazine – February edition #247! HOoo!  It’s in the AP style Section titled – Blood is the New Black plus Anti-Valentine’s swag that starts on page 55.  I think the cards are on page 58.  I know I’m silly but it felt pretty amazing to stroll into Borders and pick up the magazine, flip through the pages and see my artwork.  They put a cool little blurb about the cards, the url and also referred to me as ‘author Calan Ree’ which made me feel extra fancy.  😛

Alternative Press Magazine

This is all very magickal timing because I’m thinking it’s time to see about getting a book published.  In fact, I was doing research on that when I stopped into Borders and didn’t expect the magazine to be out yet but there it was.  Maybe it was a sign.  Hehe!

The ‘Now’ theme of the comic revolves around the general spirit I’ve been feeling lately.  Also, it’s a little joke between Jim and I as we always answer, “Now” when the other asks the time.  This started from this watch that says the day of the week in teeny fonts that I looked at upside down one Monday (MON) and read it as NOW.  I thought it was the coolest thing a watch could say and then realized I was reading it upside down.  Since, we both like to focus on the now, it has sort of stuck.
I’ve finally released some more greeting cards.  You guys responded well to the Nutcracker and Vendetta birthday haiku so they are officially part of the GingerDead goth and alternative greeting card collection.  In addition, I redid that drawing and saying I made for Jim as a thank you and turned it into a love / valentine / anti-valentine card called Ennui – Love you More.  Here it is:

leNoir Love you More - GingerDead.com

and here is how the other two came out:

GingerDead Nutcracker - Goth Alt Christmas Holida Greeting Card

GingerDead - Vendetta Birthday Haiku Card

All of them except the Vendetta bday card are up in my etsy store.  I’ll put her up tomorrow.  It’s better to release stuff each day in there or you get buried, so for marketing purposes, I’m holding off until tomorrow afternoon so she gets some visibility.

I know I usually link you to something funky, share a recent adventure or talk about something bizarre, but this week you’ll have to settle for the me, me, me post.  I’m just happy and proud of some of the recent work and who better to share with than the people that have kept me encouraged since day one.  Virtual hugs to you all.

Next week, I’ll bring something more interesting to blahg about I promise.

In the meantime, excersize your haiku’n muscles in the comments field.  😀
<3 calan

12 Responses to “now o’clock”

  1. GL Says:

    Nice going!

    If it is not now
    it surely never will be
    I can’t wait that long

  2. matthew Says:

    How cool is that? CONGRATS!!!

    A book version of the comic huh? That sounds pretty cool to me. I hope you do it. NOW! hehe. I would say the universe is trying to tell you something. What time is it?!
    You know the answer.

    That being said though the first haiku to come to mind doesn’t necessarily mean what i think. I just like to downplay things so it was a natural for me.

    Now instead of mon?
    Was it a sign of kismet?
    Or just a mistake?

    I am going to have to get some of those new cards at some point after i get over the crippling poverty of post Christmas 🙂

    Time…mans creation.
    A way to feel in control
    of perceived changes.

    Am i an artist?
    Is procrastination art?
    my answer…later.

    And that’s later for me as well. Take care.

  3. Karen Says:

    I very much like the new cards, and congrats on getting featured in a magazine!

    I doubt I could compete with frozen peas in my beloved’s eyes, though … he eats them straight out of the bag, and seems to think there’s no better vegetable.

  4. calan Says:

    GL – i LOVE that haiku!

    thanks MATTHEW for your comment and haikus…i’ll make that my mantra…what time is it? you know the answer. and then i’ll scream GO! as i self flagellate. hOO!

    KAREN – thank you. i can’t believe that someone really loves to eat frozen peas..while they are still frozen no less! that’s kinda awesome. hehe. i was using them to bring down a fever and they felt so great on my boiling skull that at that moment loving my boyfriend more than those peas was saying a awful lot. 😛

  5. matthew Says:

    Hehe, self flagellate huh? What a picture that puts in my head 🙂

  6. calan Says:


  7. ford Says:

    yeah. have been checking out the site for a few months.
    built up the courage to leave a comment.
    thats a lie, im just crazy lazy and never do.
    im gonna do my best to bring my friends some holiday cheer from here this season though.

    a little haiku to spread some post party thoughts-

    not my fault your dead
    you drank all that champagne
    swell new year you drunk.

    though your the devil
    you dont act like him- whys that?
    bet its the pink tee

    valentines day friend.
    perhaps i may get lucky.
    or an STD

    i know its dramatically early
    but when i see a valentines day card
    i let the bad poems flow like beer at a frat party.

    dragon tails, and cellular phones
    these things dont come from the heart
    its love and guitars
    and ratty old leather jackets
    that inspire my finest art
    pushing daisies, pushing
    a shopping cart all around the mall
    in search of something to show you
    my heart nor wallet has grown small
    i might be on fire, or i just saw your smile
    or i just sat on a cross
    but either way my days with you
    have never been a loss
    one final time, ill make a bad rhyme
    im a poet and im not self-aware
    fuck it, lets dance, please lose that hate
    i cant wait, tonight love seems fair.

    youd never guess but im not single

  8. calan Says:

    welcome ford! thank you so much for all the poetry. that last one is bad ass! it’s no surprise you’re not single. everyone knows that boys who write poetry make girls swoon.

    hope you feel inclined to comment more often…

    <3 calan

  9. Elle Says:

    I love the anti-valentine’s day card!
    and yes, AP led me to you…

  10. calan Says:

    hiya Elle and welcome! thanks for letting me know you found the comic (and cards) through AP. i am definitely curious if some new readers come out of that bit of publicity. glad you took the time to visit, hope you enjoy the comic!

    <3 calan

  11. Chance Abattoir Says:

    That’s too awesome. Congrats, Calan.

  12. Nutcracker Christmas Card | scribology Says:

    […] now o’clock from gingerdead (for “goths”) […]

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