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season’s greetings

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Sorry the comic is a bit late today.  I normally get it up at midnight Wednesday morning, but this took me a few more hours than I expected.  I thought I’d be sipping sangria at Ceviche by now but alas I took too long and by the time I get there they’ll be closing.

I’ve been dying to draw a nutcracker comic for some time now and thought this one would make a nice greeting card.  Hope you enjoy.  Feel free to haiku away.  I’m sure you can come up with a better one than me.  I just wasn’t feeling anything I started to write.  It seemed like a short sentence worked better, but I bet when I read your haikus, I’ll be questioning myself.

Hmm..what the heck was I going to link you guys to tonight?  I can’t seem to remember.  The only thing that is popping into my mind are humanzees for some reason.   I’ve been watching, or rather, listening to a lot of t.v. lately, mostly science shows.  I had to paint two more skulls this week for a commission and I like to listen to stuff other than music sometimes while I work,  so I try to find something interesting on the telly.

One show was all about Oliver, this chimp whose features and upright manner of walking had people convinced he was a human/chimp hybrid.  Turns out he is not but they didn’t quite explain his anomolies.  Maybe some human ape lovin’ took place somewhere at some point and there’s a little mixed up dna out there in chimpdom, lol.  Who the hell knows.

There was this biologist, Ivanov, who actually had permission to inseminate female chimps with human sperm ( no one knows whose sperm, he said not his, but i dont believe him!).  The lady chimps didn’t end up pregnant so then he had the brilliant idea of inseminating female humans with chimp sperm!  Zomg!  Who the hell would volunteer for that madness? He actually got the go ahead but his male chimp died before he had the chance.  Poor thing probably had a heart attack!  😛
Anyway, I put together a couple of images of Oliver in case you were curious:
oliver the humanzee

And here are the skulls I was working on:

day of the dead skulls

If you are wondering if I’m putting this comic up as a greeting card in my etsy store, the answer is yes, but first I have to actually make the cards and photo them and such so it will be tomorrow or Thursday.  I’ll put the birthday one up as well and possibly a skull or two.  I only have a few left and I’m meeting someone who is skull shopping with me tomorrow so we’ll see.

Have a great week…
<3 calan GingerDead Gothic Greeting Cards

23 Responses to “season’s greetings”

  1. Andrew (PerhapsToast) Says:

    I think I’ll need all the luck I can get surviving the holidays. >.>

  2. Adam_Y Says:

    I read that as:

    “I normally get up at midnight Wednesday morning”

    Child of the night, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Maria Mactatious Says:

    Sharp and spiky trees
    Evil nutcrackers attack
    I’ll need help this Christmas

    Not to mention the fruitcake.And sharp broken bulbs.
    And loud children running amok.
    I think Christmas is actually a pretty gory holiday.

  4. michelle Says:

    ba rum pa pum pum
    nuts cracked in a frenzy of
    christmas snacking joy.

    merry merry!

  5. Karen Says:

    Sugarplum fairies
    taste great with a Merlot sauce:
    Nutcracker Buffet.

  6. calan Says:

    yay for the haikus, keep em coming!

    adam, i’m not quite that bad. in fact, today i was up and at the coffee house at 11 am! of course, i was motivated by a skull selling meeting and was up until 4:30 am, but still I was out and about and rather alert to boot. 🙂

    maria – my kitties love to smash christmas ornaments. particularly if they are vintage and very beautiful. hey, every one celebrates in his or her own way. 😛

    adam – virtual hugz!

  7. calan Says:

    update – i’m sold out of skulls. thank you michelle! it will probably be a week before i have any more done to make available on etsy. i’ll let you guys know when i do.

  8. matthew Says:

    LOL!! Humanzee. Ok who are the weirdo’s giving money to this sort of research. Can you imagine what would happen to the poor thing created from this crap? Why is it scientists will do anything just because they can? What goes through their brains? Besides the air circulating in the room? Sheesh! Sort of reminds me of the shock i felt when the moron’s in Geneva said there particle accelerator had a chance of creating a black hole here on earth. Why in god’s name would you go through with an experiment that even had a minute chance of doing this? Its this kind of nonsense that will be the end of our race.

    Now that i got that off my chest, hehe. Great job on this weeks comic. Love it. It will make a cool card.

    Seeing the expression on its face made me think of this haiku first.

    Look at them, the fools.
    All full of holiday cheer.
    My warnings wasted.

    Then i saw the expression in a different light 🙂

    Boots and hats polished.
    Wee red jackets cleaned and pressed.
    Their teeth gleaming white.

    All their tasks complete.
    They were ready for anything.
    No shell could stop them.

    Then the horror struck.
    Young johnny came to play war.
    There was no escape.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. calan Says:

    you rock matt. have a great weekend, too.

  10. GL Says:

    set out for yuletide
    the jolly old nutcracker
    did he wink at me?

  11. calan Says:

    you better hide yer nuts, gl. O.o

  12. Matthias Says:

    Wooden jaws, blank eyes
    A beard that falls to the floor
    Carolers beware…

  13. Chance Says:

    Great art this week! That would make a great card.

  14. Seraphine Says:

    what are those soldiers called? are they nutcrackers? i see them around, here and there, and they slightly creep me out. they’re strange, the way their mouths set, the uniforms, the military stiffness which seems so un-christmaslike.

    button falls on floor
    precision military
    salute ankled pants

  15. Seraphine Says:

    i should add, calan, i *love* your drawings, comics and fashion.

  16. calan Says:

    ty chance!

    sera – yah they are nutcrackers and i agree they are totally creepy! it’s what the famous ballet the nutcracker suite features – they come alive and stuff… O.o the mouths are hinged and chompy and you can actually stick a nut in them and use the lever on the back to close it and crack the nut, hence the name…mostly the ones i see though are more decorative and used as christmas decoration in statue or ornament form. love you for lovin my stuff, darlin’ – thank you. 🙂

  17. Amanda Says:

    A nut in the hand
    Careful chomping shells get in
    the way, crunchy bones

    k so not so great but i’ve been mega stressed there was a fire in our apartment complex in fact it was our next door neighbors 😀 so thats always a fun thing to deal with while dealing with 3 small children and holiday shopping and cooking. I leave for Pittsburgh in 9 days and wont be back for 14 I hope everyone has a lovely christmas, new years, yule whatever it is you celebrate.

  18. Chance Says:

    Let me know when this is a card with the same caption. I know what I’ll be sending out next year.

  19. Seraphine Says:

    i’m so embarrassed. i’ve never seen nutcracker. its performed every year in san francisco, i’ve heard its beautiful ballet, and i’ve never gone. maybe one year, maybe next year. i say that every year.

  20. calan Says:

    chance – will do. i’m working on them. i actually did the card layout already and printed some to use myself the other day but i’m not 100% happy with the colors when they print so i’m going to tweak a bit before i make available for sale.

    sera – i haven’t either…i mean once i went because i had tickets but i was so sick that the raging fever took over and i passed out during the first 15 mins. my boyfriend had to wake me up and get me home. 😛 they play it a zillion times on pbs and such and there are animated versions too. i’m not sure i’ve ever actually watched the entire thing even on tv. i bet you’d recognize the main song though. it’s rather a rather lovely classical instrumental piece.

  21. justme Says:

    holiday icon
    wooden soldiers come to life
    your nuts are not safe

  22. Seraphine Says:

    haha, just me, love your haiku.
    merry christmas everyone.

  23. calan Says:

    hehe me too 😛

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