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vendetta’s birthday haiku

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I think this will be a birthday card in my GingerDead goth / alternative greeting card collection.  Saturday was my friend’s birthday so I used the cthulhu one, but i was wishing for an actual GD birthday card, so here it is.  I’ll let you know when I update the etsy store.

Well, tonight rocked.  My friends and I hit Tampa theatre for Repo! the Genetic Opera.  The Jim Morey Band and Fletcher Dance Project did a performance piece for the audience pre-show.  I got to hand out GingerDead stuff outside and even participated in the performance by standing on-stage reading Weird Tales magazine looking bored.  It was fun!  Erin Fletcher is an amazing choreographer and with only a few days notice had 3 pieces ready.  Hopefully, Tampa Theatre will have us back in January for the swedish vamp movie that’s coming out…i forget the name.

I should have pictures next week for you guys and maybe some video…idk.  My outfit consisted of a lovely gauze head dressing.  I had like 40 mins to come up with something.  Gauze to the rescue.
Btw, the film was a lot of fun.  Spoiler Alert – Paris Hilton’s face peels off.  Need I give this film any further recommendations?  I didn’t think so.

I also met a zombie puppeteer, a dancer and an acrobat. You know my gears are already spinning on the possibilities.  If I had a long mustache I’d be twirling it right now, muttering something about an artist uprising.  But I don’t, so instead I’m scratching my gauze wrapped head because it’s kinda itchy. Okay, I’m off to peel off the gauze and change into some comfy clothes.
Have a great week everyone.  🙂

<3 calan GingerDead Gothic Greeting Cards

16 Responses to “vendetta’s birthday haiku”

  1. Andrew (PerhapsToast) Says:

    Hallmark has nothing on a card like this. Splendid work once again. (:

  2. Seraphine Says:

    anyone who doesn’t share their birthday cake doesn’t deserve a card:

    wine and cookies too
    the price of admission, then
    we’re friends forever

    they say you can’t buy love, but there’s no rule against bribery sharing.

  3. Yve Says:

    I do love haikus,
    Genetic operas, also.
    Where’s MY long mustache?

    We’re loving your work!
    A & Y, I mean, Y here
    Lets get together 🙂

    I worked on these for about 100,000 days… can’t wait to have a gory ideas coffeetype session.

  4. matthew Says:

    Glad to hear the performance was a success. Plus you made some of the contacts you wanted. Quite the night.

    The minds eye opens
    Invisible mustache twirled
    A crafty smile blooms

    Hope the ideas forming come to fruition.

    I love that haiku as a birthday card. Can’t wait till you get them up.

    Stress over a gift bestowed,
    of all having a good time.
    This is supposed to be fun?

    I always found it amusing that some people go to such lengths to ensure a birthday party is “the best”. Why should it become about who gave the best gift or constantly stressing over whether everyone is happy while they are there. Sure put some effort into it but don’t exhaust yourself in your efforts. When me and my friends have a party its all about enjoying the time spent together. That’s how it should be.

    I also had to come up with my own version of today’s comic haiku.

    A birthday party
    A celebration of life
    I came for the cake

    Doesn’t compare but it was there in my head and had to come out 🙂

  5. calan Says:

    thank you for the haikus everyone!

    ah, yve! you came –
    email address recorded
    there is no escape

    i agree matthew. btw your comic haiku rocks. it has that finality and simple raw truth feeling to it that i think makes a killer haiku. i hardly ever nail them that well. and the first haiku is simply divine. it conjures images. 🙂

  6. calan Says:

    andrew – thank you. it’s good to see you here. hope all is well in your world. 🙂

  7. GL Says:

    tasty looking cake
    made with love and special care
    those aren’t sprinkles


  8. Matthias Says:

    I’ll come to the fete.
    A cake for twenty presents?
    You’d better come through.

  9. Seraphine Says:

    it’s your birthday so
    you get to lick the frosting
    smeared across my lips

  10. calan Says:

    sera – sexay!!

  11. Amanda Says:

    The movie was so weird. I loved it. I went with my mom and her boyfriend on Sunday. She had never been to the Tampa Theatre so it was a new experience for her. We finally got moved into the new place still no internet though so if I disappear for a few weeks I’ll catch up when I can.

    HAPPY Birthday smile
    things could be worse you could be
    Eaten by a dog

    best i can do today so much laundry and cleaning to be done. In case I cant get back for the holidays i hope you all have great ones

  12. DMC_Run Says:

    My poor attempt at a Goth-Birthday Haiku:

    “A Goth-Girl’s Birthday:
    Must have a cake – that sparkles.
    I’ll just use ground glass!”

  13. DMC_Run Says:

    For Calan:
    I just found this in the archives of “Sluggy Freelance”:

    As you can see, it starts on the day before “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”, & runs for a total of 5 days in a row.

  14. calan Says:

    hiya dmc – i don’t get it. it’s a comic about the comic taking a week long hiatus. wait, did you read that as haikus? haha! i bet you did! they look the same if you are scanning the page. but it says hiatus – as in a break / no updates. 😛

  15. DMC_Run Says:

    But it is a “Zombie Haiku” – stretched out over 3 days:
    “A girl woke up dead.
    The elf wept for her dead friend.
    Scrumptious chewy elf.”

  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Oh my, Calan. This is great! I want to give this card to every birthday party I go to from now on.

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