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remorse ridden beastie

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

It’s been a good week.  The Holizaar show was fun.  I wasn’t sure how my stuff might be received in that crowd.  The event was craft oriented, albeit funky crafters, but I didn’t really know that when i signed up.  In addition, it was holiday themed.  My spot ended up facing the front door so the first thing people saw when they entered the festive gallery with christmas music playing were my zombie cat painting and a bunch of dia de los muertos painted skulls. (giggle)

St. Pete is definitely an artsy fun little city with lots of edgy younger people, but this is Florida and there are also a lot of elderly folk. Nothing against them, just didn’t expect them to necessarily dig my work.  It went better than I expected.

One gentlemen told me I had a sick sense of humor, but he was the one laughing and reading every single print so I figured he was no better.  Another lady said, i was an ‘interesting person’.  She said it with an emphasis on interesting that didn’t sound particularly complimentary but I decided to take it that way and smiled and thanked her.  Only one lady seemed genuinely put off and ran and told on me or something.  I don’t know, i just saw her 360 to the greeter at the front door and i heard, “skulls! blah blah…skulls?!”   Then she went over to one of the coordinator’s (Crafty Hag) booths and she happens to have a fair amount of skull themed art work as well, so there was more questioning and an implication that we were all some sort of singular skull obsessed group.  A crafting cult, perhaps?  Sacrifice a baby, knit a scarf, dance around the fire spitting rum through our teeth, make a stuffed kitten, etc.  I dont know.

Ninety five percent of the people that stopped at my booth that day, however, were smiling or even laughing and I even sold several skulls and quite a few packs of GingerDead greeting cards.  I’m really glad I went.  I had prepared to be scowled at and to possibly stand out as the freak of the show, but I thought that might not be a bad thing and if even one person got it, that would be enough.  Instead, GingerDead and Friends was rather warmly received across the various types of people and age groups.  Yay!

The best quote of the day came from a toddler in her daddy’s arms, standing in front of my booth pointing, who asked in the sweetest little voice, “May I pwease have a skull in my house?”  Jim and I couldn’t stop giggling.  Her dad didn’t buy her one though.  🙁

Here’s a pic of some of the latest skulls…some of these are sold already but I’m working on more for the Artist Invasion of Williams Park on Friday.

Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos Skulls

So, have you heard about Repo! The Genetic Opera?   I can’t leave without plugging this film and giving a huge kudos to Tampa Theater for actually getting it!  It’s only played in 8 cities and will soon be gone.  People are reportedly flying in from across borders to attend.  It had a cult following before it even opened due to the buzz it got at comic-con.

Repo! is a rock opera that takes place in the not too distant future when there is an outbreak of organ failures.  People are getting organ transplants but if you miss a payment…the organ repo man comes to collect. Sounds cool, huh?!

Our friend, the young adult horror author, Lynne Hansen, is actually part of the Tampa Theater team resonsible for bringing the film to our city!  Go Lynne!  She telephoned me last night and invited me to gather some freaky friends to sort of brigade out front on the closing night – Tuesday.  We are going to put together some music, dance and costumey goodness as best as we can in the coming week and will be outside entertaining folks on line and even doing one number on stage pre-show.  I highly recommend you grab the chance to see this film.  This is the Rocky Horror show for this generation, I suspect.  It’s a rare opportunity to catch it in theaters and to do so in the glorious historic haunted Tampa Theater is simply divine.

Tuesday Night Repo! The Genetic Opera Show Time and Tampa Theatre info – HERE

Tuesday night is the closing night, so get there early to secure your ticket.  I think doors will open around 7pm.  Feel free to dress up and be part of the madness.  If you have something particular you want to do outside or want to come in a cool costume and hand out stuff like perhaps organ donor information from LifeLink or GingerDead postcards, email me.  We’re open to unusual ideas and talents.  😉  calanGingerDeadcom.

Don’t forget this Friday night is the Artist Invastion at WIlliams Park.  I’ll be there with my new friend Demi of DemiGod Studio.  We’re sharing a booth.  Also, the Jim Morey band is opening.  7pm to Midnight- live painting, art vendors, fashion show, wheelchair dance group, breakdance competition, etc.  hoO!

Artist Invasion

By the way, today’s comic was done messing around in ArtRage.  I was lucky to have saved this drawing from a few months back in case I needed an emergency comic.  It’s been a crazy busy week and my wrist is all locked up and aching from painting so I decided to pull this out and save myself some additional pain.  ArtRage is a lot of fun and the free version is quite functional.  If you decide you love it and want the full perks and whistles it’s only around 25 bucks.  Check it out – ArtRage Website.

See you next week!

<3 calan

26 Responses to “remorse ridden beastie”

  1. Andrew (PerhapsToast) Says:

    Wow, that is one creepy looking figure there. D:

  2. Mask Says:

    Perhaps they’re not meant
    to just be thrown against it;
    be careful next time.

    Sucks, I know, but I’m not quite so talented 🙂

    Can’t wait for next week!

  3. Amanda Says:

    oooh i love tampa theater and i so wanna go -makes plans that will probably fall through- On a side note anyone know how to raise $200 quickly? I’m trying to sell off my fossil collection that i’ve had since i was 9 and thats not going so great but i’d be willing to make and sell my yarn dolls i’ve been making for the past year so far i only have two available but i can make them in about a day and they are easily customizable. Here are some examples http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v322/ethuilrin/Dolls/kassydoll3.jpg

  4. Seraphine Says:

    if you can please 95% of your audience, you’re doing very well. there are always a few people that will complain no matter what you do. and frankly, if you aren’t offending *someone* you aren’t doing the world a favor.
    i love your skulls. they are awesomely pretty.
    and yes, you are an interesting person.

    smear them with fingers
    makes pretty wallpaper and
    nice lickable walls

  5. matthew Says:

    The voices in my head,
    only quiet with fresh blood.
    They speak madness

    Every new friend,
    meets the same horrible end.
    As paint for the wall.

    When will it all end?
    If the blood dries they will come.
    Lonely, i persist.

    Heya! I finally have the time to get back on the net. I did haiku for the two before this one as well though i am not too happy with the one for miss manners 🙂
    I just couldn’t think of anything for it. I will say the comic itself was tofurkin great.
    Hehe, i do like that new word.

    Glad to see your art is being accepted by the masses. A few fuddy duddies in the bunch is no big. Hope things keep going well for ya. Talk at ya later.

  6. calan Says:

    Andrew: good to see you here. hope my beastie didn’t scare you. 😛

    Mask, Sera – ty for the haiku

    Amanda – yah, i can’t wait! repo! is going to be fun. we are coming up with some weirdness to contribute to the evening so it will be extra fun. the dollies are cute. i’d put the fossil’s up on ebay i think. it’s xmas time so you have a good chance of getting a decent price for your collection i imagine. fossils are awesome. i want to go to one of the rivers around here and hunt for them. i think peace river is a good place for that.

    Matt – you went into a haiku frenzy i see. awesome! i just had this weird mental picture of you snorting words and then rapidly scribbling haiku. snort, scribble, snort scribble.

  7. matthew Says:

    ya except i misspelled quiet. it reads quite. Sheesh, got in a hurry.

  8. calan Says:

    fixed it for you 😉

  9. Amanda Says:

    Oh man so i dont know how i missed this before but todays comic really reminds me of Johnny the homicidal maniac. The author also made invader zim if you’ve heard of either. But yea thought id share hes incredibly funny and cracks me up.

  10. calan Says:

    i don’t know invader zim, but i’ve heard of johnny the homicidal maniac. i’ve only seen a few images on wikipedia and google images (love the art!) can’t seem to find a site dedicated to jhm. i really need to hit amazon and order some alternative comics / graphic novels. the selection here in st. pete is pitiful. every time i go into borders or barnes and noble i want to throw up because it’s all manga and like superhero stuff and there is perhaps a half a shelf of anything different. believe it or not, i haven’t read a comic book since i was a little kid and only got into webcomics when i started my own. i’m interested in reading some alt comics and getting into graphic novels though. i think you just gave me some christmas list ideas…now only if i could convince santa i’ve been good…

  11. calan Says:

    amanda and everyone – if you like serial killer humor (and lets face it, who doesn’t it?) check out Chopping Block. it’s one of the first web comics i found and was blown away by.


  12. Seraphine Says:

    gaa. you’re just like my mother,
    correcting me all the time.
    skulls, masks… i knew what i meant.

  13. calan Says:

    wha? i didn’t correct you. i changed quite to quiet for matt. i like the 7, 7, 7 haiku though. 😀

  14. justme Says:

    beastie means no harm
    it’s a matter of excess

    consequences show
    on a wall decorated
    with good intentions

    save your pity, though
    beastie knows the answer is
    to try, try again

  15. matthew Says:

    Hehe i was hoping someone would get the connection for JTHM besides me. My haiku was based on it.

  16. Amanda Says:

    Ya thats what made me think more about it. I haven’t read Johnny in ages but he still cracks me up I mean nail bunny = classic. JHM did do a couple other comics Lenore is one and Squee was another one. They are both good Squee is Johnny’s neighbor’s son. Invader Zim was a cute cartoon Gir is aways adorable. If I think of any more alternative comics I’ll let you know I’m a big web comic reader so there are a lot of those that I read I discoverd a lot through the list you actually have posted. And for the life of me I can’t remember how I stumbled across Ginger dead. Well I suppose the how isn’t important as the end result.

  17. Matthias Says:

    I’ve stopped killing now,
    But the room’s only half done.
    Maybe blue next time?


    Sometimes walls are red
    Sometimes they are brown instead
    Freshness important


    Great comic today.
    Wonderful, morbid, creepy.
    Reminds me of mom.

    Couldn’t resist the last one. In all seriousness though, awesome comic.

  18. calan Says:

    just me and matthias – ty so much for the haiku 🙂

    amanda – matthew actually sent me a list of suggested comic goodness to check out, so i think i’ll add one or two titles to my christmas gimme list. one correction though, lenore isn’t done by the same guy as jthm – it’s the work of the very talented and rather sexxy roman dirge. http://www.myspace.com/taxidermied

    the artist invasion last night was a lot of fun btw. i sold my mini gingerdead painting and kinda miss it, but the girl whose getting it for christmas was really sweet, so yay for her. i’m a skull or two lighter as well and it seems some unfortunate folks will be getting gingerdead greeting cards this year. hehe. outside of a few sales, it was just a cool experience due to the interesting people that came by my tent and chatted with me. 🙂

    still planning on tuesday night’s freaky fun outside of repo! the genetic opera at tampa theatre. fletcher dance project has rounded up some folks to join jim and i – should be fun. now if i can just decide what sort of costume i want to put together…

  19. necrophage Says:

    Calan Ree beauty.
    Friends imagine you close, dear.
    No-one else compares.

    I have just finished your archive and you are quite the most endearing person I have met ever online. Fun and dark, who’d a thunk it?
    Thank you.

  20. calan Says:

    pleasure to meet you, necrophage. thanks for the haiku 🙂

  21. Seraphine Says:

    haha. i didn’t even catch the 777 haiku.
    you’re awesome & brilliant to notice!

  22. GL Says:

    you must have the most beautiful walls

  23. Chance Says:


  24. joenis Says:

    This, btw is probably one of my favorites you’ve done! 😀 It’s right up my alley as far as style of art 😀

  25. harry Says:

    Do you still make/sell the Dia De Los Muertos Skulls? please let me know. they look great.

  26. calan Says:

    hi harry 🙂 at the moment i don’t have any and am focusing a little more on art dolls including day of the dead inspired pieces. i may do another series of these skulls though as i’ve had a lot of interest lately. best way is to follow me on facebook or on my art blog – calanree.com/blog and /or keep an eye on my etsy store – gingerdead.etsy.com.


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