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miss manners

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

This is our third thanksgiving together and this year I promise I wont eat all the pie…or I’ll try not to anyway.  😛  For a trip to down memory lane, check out – A Thanksgiving Miracle – that was when the comic was just a baby.  It’s changed a lot since then, huh?  Last year’s Thanksgiving Public Service Announcement saved many lives I’m sure.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you readers for coming back every week, sharing the comic link with your friends and/or enemies, sending me kind emails or myspace messages, creating fan art, leaving comments (especially the haiku ones), and buying stuff now and then.  Your support means a lot and definitely keeps me excited about making more comics and doing new stuff with the characters.  Virtual hugs!

Tampa / St. Pete folk can stop by and see me at either one of these events.

Holizaar at the Studio@620 gallery in St. Pete November 30th – 11am – 6pm

Artist Invasion of Williams Park – First Fri Dec 5th –

Artist Invasion

Have a great Thanksgiving American readers and an above average Thursday to those of you in other parts of the world.  😀

<3 Calan GingerDead Gothic Greeting Cards

10 Responses to “miss manners”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Well thank you hun for being so fabulous and such a great artist. Good news and lots to be thankful for I’M NOT SICK ANY MORE! More good news I should be flying to pensylvania to spend new years with my boyfriend and his family. This year i’ve decided to send thank you cards to people who have affected my life both good and bad. Nothing pisses your enemies off more than giving them a thank you card. 😀 but I sincerely have to thank them cause if they werent the people they are i wouldnt be the person i am.

    So whoever reads this Thank you for reading it 😛 and thank you for being you because if you werent you who would you be?

    I am glad to be
    I thank those who make me, me
    Grateful for the chance

    Happy Thanksgiving
    Gather round to celebrate
    pass the potatoes

    I’m going back to school in the spring to become a chef :D. I’m very excited now if we can find an apartment before our lease runs out Things would be almost perfect for me right now.

  2. Amanda Says:

    oh fudge i didnt post this one like i wanted to

    Thank you for being
    you because if you weren’t you
    why who would you be?

    weren’t is debatable some people say it like two sylables i say it slurred so its only one… but to each their own

  3. Michelle Says:

    who likes pumpkin pie?
    we all like pumpkin pie, so
    enjoy, delightful pie!

  4. calan Says:

    yay amanda!! i’m glad things are turning around for you. sounds like you have a lot to be excited about. 😀

    ty both for the haiku’n

  5. justme Says:

    do an unasked-for “favor;”
    demand gratitude

    …and only Ven could manage to be both passive-aggressive and aggressive-aggressive in the same act.

    Happy Turkey Day!
    Not so much for the turkeys,
    of course, but for us.

  6. coolioness Says:

    I just want to thank
    All of the little people
    For knowing I’m great!

    Ah, Vendetta, getting the most out of life. 🙂

    Happy Turkey Day! Lets all eat Turkey, but call it Tofurky because that’s more fun to say! 😀

  7. calan Says:

    i think tofurky makes a great substitute expletive. as in…

    ToFurky!! Some greedy pig ate all the pie!


    Why is she dating that ToFurky?!


    When she drinks, she acts like a ToFurkin idiot.

  8. Seraphine Says:

    beautiful. and your original thanksgiving comic is still relevant. i love coming back (several times) every week and seeing what’s new with you.

    fly flies round and round
    then falls dead (whap!) to the ground
    a garnish for soup

  9. calan Says:

    just when i thought i couldn’t possibly eat another bite, sera manages to make me hungry. 😛

  10. matthew Says:

    An annoying sight.
    Happy with a buzzing pest?
    A joyous end had.

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