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swing brother swing

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Since I’ve been working on some paintings recently, I thought I would use them as updates so you can see what I’ve been up to. This painting is part of the star series and is inspired by that old Sinatra song ” would you like to swing on a star, carry moon beams home in a jar and be better off than you are, etc…”

Next week will be my first haiku comic painting and then I’ll probably get back to normal…maybe.  It’s been so nice to get messy for a change.  I’m enjoying translating the comic, which is primarily done with a wacom in photoshop, to paint on canvas.  I’ll most likely go back and forth between the two mediums depending on my mood. Hope that’s cool with you readers.

So, the Jim Morey – Nothin but Love Party at the Garage was amazing.  We had a great turn out and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and dig the wacky going-ons.  Jim and I are both really inspired and would like to push the concept further for future shows.  If only we could find a contortionist…  Hey if you know any interesting performance artists / circus freaks send em our way.

I promised I’d take photos and I did.  I also stole some from journalist Leigh Armstrong of TBT who covered the event.  Shh…don’t tell him.  Oh wait, he reads this.  :O  Sorry Leigh! Pwease don’t sue me!  More of Leigh’s pics of the event here.
Jim Morey – Photo by Leigh Armstrong

jim morey

Me in the bathroom of the Garage – they have the coolest paintings in there!

calan ree

Jim and Me – Photo by Leigh Armstrong

jim morey and calan ree

Living Statues by House of Ska – photo by Leigh Armstrong
ska living statues

Jim Morey, Erin Fletcher and House of Ska Living Statue
jim morey and house of ska living statue

Erin Fletcher and Jim Morey
erin fletcher and jim morey

Erin Fletcher Dance Project – eatin’ nanas and scaring nunsfletcher dance project eatin bananas with an irrate nun

Fletcher Dance Project creepin’ folks out – photo by leigh armstrong
fletcher dance project

colleen the nun reading Mr. Satanism comic
colleen feigns shock

live digital painting by johnny thomas III
johnny thomas III living art - hoo!

Star Bootie Rock and Roll Salon – live hair design – photo by Leigh Armstrong
star bootie live hair

Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was a night we will always remember.


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9 Responses to “swing brother swing”

  1. Mask Says:

    When you swing upon a star,
    makes no difference who you are,
    anything your heart desires,
    your dreams, will come true.

    Provided your dreams involve completely relying on your gingerbread neck’s strength to avoid falling a great distance and going SPLAT.

    As always, love it.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I will talk to my rennie/carnie friends see what i can find. I know jugglers stilt walkers fire eaters and a lot of others i’m sure i can find a contortionist or two no haiku from me this week my brain is being eaten by the plague that is slowly eating away the bits of my lungs as well. but i will share an insight the painting today reminds me of a book i recently read called american gods by neil gaiman. he went into great detail about the story of Odin and how he was hanged from a tree where he gained his magical and mystical powers. the book is very good i recomend it for those who love the printed word. His follow up book Anasi Boys is just as good.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    it’s official. you def have more fun than i do. i stayed home on halloween and gave candy to the neighborhood kids. *sigh* love the pics you took!

    dark night sky gallows
    stretching his neck to see it
    the cosmic twinkle

  4. calan Says:

    thanks mask 🙂

    amanda – stilt walker sounds interesting too! we need a bunch of people like that i think to call upon for events. it’s hard with little to no budget as we get these events going but jim’s goal is to have large shows, tours with lots of art and oddities plus music, of course. getting local people involved is the first step and it sort of helps everyone with exposure and networking. i’ve gotten some sales and a commission for skull heads just for being involved and being able to show my stuff to a group of people. feel free to pass my email or jimJimMoreyDOTcom since he’s gathering names.

    sera- i was actually home on halloween too. after the monster show the night before i was kinda spent. i felt a little sad about not doing anything because i love it so much. we hardly had any trick or treaters either this year. 🙁 but jim’s party def made up for the slumpy halloween night for me. 😀 lovely haiku, btw.

  5. Gabe Says:

    Super photos. Looks like a swell time was had.

  6. calan Says:

    for sure! wish you were here for it gabe. 🙁 hope all is well in gabeville!

  7. justme Says:

    This is what you get
    for downloading mp3’s
    of Frank Sinatra

    …though I’m pretty sure Ven did it and framed him.

  8. Poe Tatum Says:

    You are *ROCKING* that red hair girlie! I’m sorry I missed the show (curse grad school!). It looks like a rocking good time was had by all though! See you soon! 😉

  9. calan Says:

    justme – you are so right. who do you think is singing off frame? you know how ven loves to belt songs out..lol.

    poe – thanks so much! i love that wig so damn much. i had to spray it red and it kinda bleeds on my face, but still. 😛 can’t wait to get to meet up with you in the really real world! XD

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