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happy dia de los muertos

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Guess whose been dabbling in sugar skull inspired art?  The more I learn about this Mexican Holiday (Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead) the more I love it.  It’s a beautiful tradition of honoring and remembering loved ones.  Family members gather around graves with candles.  There could be music or planting…a mexican gentlemen i met at the Monsters of Art show said in his village it was common to plant a little cilantro at the grave.  Skulls are cast in sugar and decorated with colorful icing – (learn how to make your own sugar skulls here.)  The reason for the elaborate and festive look to the skulls is to indicate that the soul is in a good place as a bare skull denotes sadness and mourning.

Anyway, I think it’s wonderful and started casting sugar skull molds with plaster and painting them.  These are my first attempts and I feel like I’m getting a nice groove going.  It’s funny because I used to do a lot of mehndi on people and this isn’t a far stretch from that at all.

I hope you enjoy the art and had a wonderful Halloween.  As you know, I’ve been gearing up for Thursday night for Jim’s Nuthin but Love CD and birthday celebration at the Garage.  I’m very involved in the advertising, graphics, etc and will also be on the artist’s alley with my GingerDead work, so i’m spread very thin these last few weeks.  This may have to be your update for the week because I’m really not sure I’ll be able to get a comic done and posted Wednesday at Midnight.  We’ll be setting up the for the party on that evening and I’m still racing to get more artwork ready and help Jim with a ton of things.

If you live anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, you really should try to make it.  We’ll have 5 bands – the Jim Morey Band headlines – preceded by Acho Brother, Fall on Purpose, Bamboo Social Club and Lounge CatThe House of Ska will have living statues to present Ivanka’s amazing fashion designs.  Mr. Satanism will do a dramatic reading.  We’ll have several live painters in action as well as some choreographed performance dance numbers from the Fletcher Dance Project.  It’s almost too much to list to be honest.  I believe wolfboy will make an appearance.  Hoo!  Just come.

You are welcome to dress as a carnie or whatever you want.  Freaks are more than welcome!  Wait til you see my ensemble!
Jim Morey – Nuthin but Love CD and Bday Celebration
The Garage Bar on Central Avenue St. Pete FL 8pm

If you need more comic action why not check out my friend Sean Hexed’s brand new webcomic – A Gross of Goblins.  It’s got such an Edward Gorey feel to it.  We are both big fans in case you hadn’t guessed.  I think you guys will dig it. 🙂

Jim Morey Nuthin But Love

Jim Morey Nuthin But Love

See you next Wednesday as usual.  I should have some fun pics by then.  🙂

<3 calan

9 Responses to “happy dia de los muertos”

  1. GL Says:

    Lovely skulls.

  2. Amanda Says:

    To honor the dead
    we remember life, join us
    celebrate the lost.

    Lovely job on the skulls my dad used to collect ceramic skulls they remind me of his only colorful. My haiku today is dedicated to him *since he took his own life about 2 and a half years ago. I’m finally not working 60 hours a week any more its back down to 45-50 now much mor manageable. I will try to make it Thursday but don’t count me there till you see the bloodshot whites of my eyes. Limited transportation is keeping me from doing much of anything at all.

  3. calan Says:

    thanks GL. if you skin your face, i’ll gladly paint your skull! <3

    Amanda - i'm sorry you lost your dad. did you get to hang on to a part of his collection as a keepsake?

    glad your hours are semi normal again. 45 - 50 is still a lot. i've been going crazy for around 10 hours a day btw jim's stuff and my own and i feel like i want to dig a hole and sleep in it for a month.

    i really hope you will make it on thursday, it would be great to meet you. you wont be able to miss me. that's all i'm saying because i'm surprising jim with a costume i'm putting together for the occasion. but trust me, you'll know it's me. plus i'll be standing by my art most of the time. the garage is a lot of fun and the drinks are totally reasonable there which is nice. they have this blueberry beer that's nummy and the christmas saki bombs are interesting and pack a punch. hope you make it out!

  4. Amanda Says:

    yea we kept the entirity of his skull collection my mom has it on display at her house with her crystals. His skull influence got me one year when i went to halloween horror nights in orlando and i ended up buying a skull piggy bank i named it fred hes my head man and he weighs twice as much as a normal skull when hes full of pennies. Thursday seems impossible now cause im down sick again nasty little germ bugs i hope you take pictures for us though i want to see this outfit now and sleeping for a month sounds fabulous but i’m waitng for news from pensylvania my boyfriend was in a move and i’ve not spoken to him in three weeks because our lines of communication got broken i’m hoping i hear from him before thanksgiving i’m getting worried but i hope your show is fabulous

  5. coolioness Says:

    Jeezum Crow it’s the Day of the Dead!

    The Day of the Dead
    Celebrate the right way by
    Painting the nice skulls.

  6. Seraphine Says:

    i love the sugar skulls you made. and yes, you’re right, it’s a wonderful way to remember the dead.

    it’s her sugar stash
    brainless painted sugar skulls
    tongue lingers in mouth

  7. calan Says:

    amanda – sending good thoughts your way <3

    thanks everyone for the haikus.

    tonight's the party! hoOOO! i shall take pics for sure 😀

  8. justme Says:

    crystalline death’s-heads
    decorated festively
    beckon sweet release

    “join us,” they whisper
    words as sweet as saccharine
    do you feel their pull?

    not this time, I think
    tempting as the offer is
    I’m not done here yet

  9. calan Says:

    damn you’re good, justme.

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