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freaky forecast

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I have frogs on the brain again.  Still no sign of the magickal mystical paper frogs of last summer, but Jim’s mom actually saved me a frog carcass she found.  I’m officially in love with her now as well as her son.  The carcass is cute and crumbly, kinda like a cookie!  I’m still deciding what I want to do with it, but I have a few ideas. Currently, I’m watching it decay.

If only it would rain frogs.  The way we get sudden heavy thunderstorms that are gone in a flash as we return to the usual extremely hot, sunny weather seems like a great way to make paper frogs happen in bulk. I guess you can’t rush these things.  If paper frogs are meant to be in my future I suppose I’ll have to wait for them to reveal themselves when the time is right.  (le sigh.)

Okay, on to much more exciting things!  I found the most amazing artist and have been chomping at the bit the last few days to share his link with you.  You have to check out Spinestealer!  This guy’s work is incredible.  It’s dark, which I love, but more than that there is a tenderness to his pieces that reaches inside and gets personal.  His work invokes nightmares and dreams, hopes and fears, love and resentment.  I’m not great at describing art, so I’ll quit trying and ask you to look for yourself.  Here’s a teaser:

the art of Spinestealer

In discovering Spinestealer’s website, I found the gallery where he has shown and currently has pieces for sale and fell in love..  It’s called Hyaena Boutique and Gallery – Odd Things for Eclectic Tastes.  You have to check out the various artwork for sale there.  If you dig pop surrealism, dark carnivals, cheeky nightmares, cotton candy at a horror flick, you’ll love Hyaena.

If you are lucky enough to live in or around Burbank, CA you wont want to miss the next exhibition at Hyaena –   Kevin Klemm’s Reliquary and Odditorium, Sept 16 – 30.  It’s filled with bizarre relics like artifacts from serial killer Ed Gein‘s farm.  You’ll get to see all sorts of weird stuff that’s almost too creepy to be real, but actually is completely and utterly authentic…maybe!  Lucky you!  I swear I should move to Burbank.  Something tells me I’d have more friends there.  😛  Here’s a flyer about the show:

Kevin Klemm's Reliquary Odditorium

Check out Hyaena’s Calendar for more upcoming shows.

That’s all for now. Gimme haikus! See you next week.

<3 calan

12 Responses to “freaky forecast”

  1. justme Says:

    My grandfather used to call those flash summer downpours “frog stranglers,” and I once drove through South Dakota in a deluge while continuous swarms of frogs for about a hundred miles simultaneously decided it was time to get from the north side of I-90 to the south side. If you think it’s nasty cleaning bugs out of your grill… well, let’s just say I was more than a little traumatized. Admittedly not as much as the frogs, but still.

    But I’ve never actually experienced a rain of frogs. That would be pretty creepy-awesome (though maybe not for the frogs). As long as I had an umbrella handy.

    frogs evaporate,
    condense and fall from the sky:

  2. calan Says:

    ugh, that must have been awful. recently i thought my mom’s cat was after a palmetto bug and i think i’ve mentioned how i feel about those (terror!) so i told my mom and she came in to stomp it and in her haste she didn’t really see what she was flattening until it was too late: baby frog. she was so upset and blamed me (rightfully so). 🙁 karma got me back with a lizard incident i still can’t even discuss it was so horrific.

    on a lighter note, you really write beautiful haiku, justme. 🙂

  3. SleepingOrange Says:

    Amphibious clime:
    Miraculous or just weird?
    Croaking poison darts.

  4. Raven Says:

    Awwh now i have an excuse fr always draging my umbrella around 😀
    Lovely artwork, but you know this without saying, i’d bet.*means the comic*
    And the Spinestealer webpage is just.. WoW. i see i’m going to have to work very hard to have summit of a kind myself one day. stop sleeping in art class and pay attention for starters.. and i also found my way to the Hyaena Gallery and like.. makes me want to be able to jump into the computerscreen and live there. just, Ah-mazing. no words to describe it, really. o_O Wow.

    Ooh, and i must say that english is not native in Estonia. not even close. so thank you for the compliment 😀
    And i’m doing my best to find and pimp up more dollies.. though i had no idea getting hold of old ones could be so tricky. Nevertheless, i got a great deal of new-found ambition and i hope i manage to keep it alive this time. 🙂

  5. Gabe Says:

    falling from the sky
    a torrent of slimy parts
    should have closed my mouth

  6. matthew Says:

    Hehe, great job as usual. Love the frogs expressions.

    What an amazing site she has there. I will have to explore it later. Thanks for finding it. I love her humor with the pieces.

    In a side note….lol, frog stranglers. That’s good. Gonna have to remember that.

    Umbrella for sale.
    Slightly used, a few blood stains.
    A steal at the price.

    A comical yet
    tempestuous frog filled sky
    can make fun paper.

    Have a great weekend and rest of the week.

  7. Amanda Says:

    I must be unusually lucky because I have had frogs rain on me. My mom lives in lutz and when it gets good and wet the tree frogs hang on the door and you open the door to leave they fall all over you. My sister is terrified of them but they make me giggle. I came home monday evening from my moms and we had a HUGE *as big as my hand and I have large hands* Tree frog on my front door it was white with spots it was really cool. I named her Yolanda and I haven’t seen her since but heres hoping she comes back. There is a gecko living in my room I’ve named him Gilbert I put him outside last week and he came back inside when I went out to break up a cat fight outside my window. So he lives here now too. Amphibians just like me i guess. Imma take a stab at writing a haiku this week.

    Slippery tree frogs
    Falling from the sky catch one
    kisses make princes

  8. Seraphine Says:

    it’s currently raining frogs
    and umbrellas aren’t enough
    messy goo

  9. calan Says:

    thanks for all the haiku’n this week!

    Raven – do people do yard sales or the like in Estonia? or maybe they have a flea market type thing somewhere on the weekends where people can sell their old stuff? in the states, garage and yard sales are always happening – it’s basically people selling their old crap in their yards. great place to find old dolls. i could find you some for sure but the shipping from here to Estonia would probably cost as much as a new doll, haha! sometimes if you just sorta mention it to people you’ll find they have old stuff in their basements or closets and will gladly give you old dolls just to get rid of them. if you officially let the universe know what you need, it has a weird way of supplying just that. 😉

    gabe you win for the yuckiest haiku! *claps*

    Amanda – nice job. haiku more. you are a natural. 🙂 i LOVE the tree flogs too and i’m famous for naming everything. jim and i have a snail pal i named ‘sneakers’. every time i say his name it makes me smile a little.

  10. ShatteredRazorz Says:

    I would love to subscribe to your work. I read it every week. It is worth checking out. I got my friends to read your stuff! Keep up the good work

  11. Kelly Says:

    Taken from my mouth,
    Abuse not intended,
    I see clearly now.

    Now and again I
    suffer you as pain, begin
    to open my wounds.

  12. calan Says:

    that’s so beautiful kelly! thank you. 🙂

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