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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

This week’s haiku comic sounds a little kinky, huh? I was thinking about how being in love is like having this one other person that you can be truly yourself with.  I mean if you are doing it right, you shouldn’t have to put up fronts ever. I realized after i wrote it that it could be read to be about being able to get your weird on intimately.  I mean that’s true as well, so it’s all good I suppose.  Just my characters are a bit young for that business. O.o

The drawing you see was actually done to end a comic slide show I did which accompanied a choreographed dance piece to the White Stripes “This little room”.  A local choreographer asked if I would contribute a comic to the piece she was working on for a performing arts high school summer recital.  In the comic the character’s go crazy dancing and it ends with the image above.  I wanted to use the title, “This little rooom” and use that image and that’s how the haiku evolved.  The plan was to link you guys to a youTube video of the performance, but I’ve yet to see any video emerge and I’m not sure anymore there is any.  If something turns up, I’ll link you.  It was quite amusing and the young dancer rocked.

Have you noticed that art and music are joining forces in a new way lately?  I’ve seen a few performances both in person and online that have an artist painting live on stage as a band performs.  It’s really cool.

Jim would love for me to do this but I’m not so sure I can hack it.  It’s an intimate process.  There are ugly stages when I create things.  I struggle.  I hate.  I love.  I hate again.  I give up.  I start over.  Etc.  I’m not one of those super fluid artists.  It would be like exposing an ugly intimate piece of myself on stage.  Like screaming, “Hey room full of people.  Here’s how much I suck.”  or taking a magnifying glass and projecting my cavities or cellulite or something on stage.  It’s just too personal.  I really admire those that can do it.  I’m trying to think of a very free approach I could apply to the concept though, because I really do like it and it would give Jim and I more power to travel together.  *shrugs*

At the SL convention, there was a live jam in which an SL artist, Jeffrey Lipsky (Filthy Fluno in SL) and SL musicians collaborated.  Of course, I missed it.  I was at the convention but too busy sucking down Absinthe most likely.  😛  Check it out.

Have a great week, friends.

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13 Responses to “this little room”

  1. Cady Says:

    Aww, how cute.

    I still love Lenoir. 🙂

  2. Gabe Says:

    Magnified, projected cavities sounds really stunning. Let me know when you are going to do it.

  3. calan Says:

    you’ve been added to the mailing list, sir.

  4. amanda Says:

    Today’s haiku gave me warm fuzzies. Yay you. I didn’t get the dirty idea from it but my mind has been pretty brainwashed as of late. I agree completely with Gabe although I think scars would be better. Like up close pictures of random people’s scars and the stories behind them. Not all scars have bad memories some have funny ones or great stories that accompany them. One day in the comming months I shall have to put my brain together to do it. Do you have any duct tape?

  5. Seraphine Says:

    “if you’re doing it right.”
    that’s the whole thing, whether one is doing
    it right or not. it’s not something parents talk
    about, or schools. basically, most people
    rather feel their way though life. how do i
    know whether i’m doing it right or not?
    everything changes; by the time i adjust,
    what was right yesterday seems so wrong
    today. so a certain amount of personal
    weirdness in people is totally “normal.”

    no longer padded
    i invite you to share it
    small room with no locks

  6. Raven Says:

    Awwh, it might seem a bit kinky but it’s sweet, none the less. 🙂
    I personally don’t think it is, i mean true love and kindred spirits and all that may have lost bits of their full meaning thanks to commercial-society n stuff but well, i actually do believe in it.
    of course it’s a question you can actually argue on forever but.. someone smart once said that ‘Love is the glue keeping the universe together’ and it got me thinking.. say if the world were to end tomorrow.. we’d be just a little fading star in the universe, nothing in endless space would really change i think, stars die every day.
    anyway, what what would have been the one thing that really mattered? i mean, if there’s nothing left, everything material is gone.. i’d kinda like to think that real love and good feelings are what would remain in some way, forever. be the only things that ever really mattered. i mean even if it got sucked into some big black hole thingy or something. isn’t what we’re really supposed to live for just being free and feeling loved and wanted and good? that being all that really matters?
    haha i dunno.
    and jeez i’ve written a lot. sorry if i passed a word-limit or summit. 😀

    anyway, love the little comic.
    ooh and i finished the little dolly who’s born thanks to your inspiration. i could send you pictures of her if you like. 🙂
    at the moment i’m already looking for more old dollies to save and re-create. and i wouldn’t have my little hobby if it weren’t for you, so endless thanks for this. 🙂

  7. calan Says:

    amanda – the scars with stories thing would be a really cool photo exhibit! as for the duct tape, i’m sorry but i used it up on a troop of girl scouts last night.

    sera – i just meant loving, doing it right as in with an open heart and mind and no agenda, no masks. you’re right weirdness is totally normal and i think it’s cool to embrace your weirdness however you can. it’s just that in a relationship, it should be an even safer place to be true to yourself, weirdness, scars and all. art is another good place to channel it i think.

    raven – totally agree. i have a lot of stress, financial and otherwise in my life but i’m practically always happy and thankful because i have a lot of love and passion too. more than i can believe possible at times. i think ultimately that’s what matters for sure.

    i’m totally excited for you and your new creations. yes, definitely send me photos! calan{AT}GingerDead{dot}COM maybe you’ll do one inspired by the comic sometime and i can put it on the fan art page. if you end up putting photos of your dolls online or sell them through etsy or something, let me know so i can link to you and post your photos. either way, i’d love to see them and am touched that i had anything to do with inspiring you! that’s so awesome! <3

  8. matthew Says:

    Love is the one thing in this world that makes all the annoyances and pain worth it.

    The “get your freak on” reference didn’t come to mind right away but since my sense of humor can easily get that low i did find it amusing 🙂

    This cartoon was especially cute to me. I thought awww how cute when i first saw this one. Great job as usual.

    Ever viewed as freaks
    these two loving hearts are one.
    I ask, jealous much?

    Good luck with the art and music thing. It would be great for you two. Wish i had some ideas to help you out but alas work has sucked nearly all creativity from my brain today. The haiku was as good as it gets this day 🙂

  9. calan Says:

    thanks matt 🙂

  10. dani Says:

    Awesome piece.
    Hey, I would love to ad this pic to my blog which links right here to yours! I assume that’s cool but I wanted to make sure.
    Come check it out and see, if not I will take ‘er down.

  11. calan Says:

    thanks for the linkage dani! i don’t mind the use of the image at all. 🙂

  12. DMC_Run Says:

    In honor of “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”, you can use this link:
    Where they’ve listed a collection of pirate-themed haiku.

  13. calan Says:

    argh! thank ye!

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