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between the lines

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

The monster in this week’s comic reminds somewhat of Wild Thing from one of my favorite childhood picture books: Maurice Sendak’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. I haven’t seen those characters in ages, but it shows you how things you loved as a child can influence you in adulthood. How wonderful to have those illustrations buried away in my subconscious and suddenly find it pushing to the surface and having an influence in my own art work. Anyway, it made me recall the book and than I remembered reading something about a film version a while back.

The film is being made by Spike Jonze (director) and Dave Eggers (screenplay) and stars Max Records as the little boy, Max and Forest Whitaker doing the voice of Wild Thing. IMDB shows some big names like James Gandolfini and Catherine Keener listed but not which roll they are voicing. I’m glad to see the film is not animated but will have large puppet like monsters as well as humans – (in the same vein as say, Pan’s Labyrinth).

I did some research and found that Warner Brother’s (whose site was no help at all) has had some trouble with the film as screen tests had some kids crying and asking their parents to take them out of the theater. Of course, this made me chuckle and want to see it even more. The word ‘subversive’ was thrown around which made the WB suits nervous and reshoots were rumored. According to IMDB, the film is in post-production and the 2008 release was pushed to 2009.

I really hope they let Jonze and Eggers have final cut because a little subversive is way more interesting than full blown kiddie flick. Nothing wrong with films for small children, but it’s so rare we get one with fairy-tale like stories that are geared towards a more cerebral audience. Give me that with a nice dose of darkness and I’m in heaven, you know? 😛

Thanks for indulging me in my movie talk this week. I’m really a huge film fan and sort of lay off of that subject here because I could easily end up with a film blahhhg and that’s not what I’m going for. I just figured a good deal of you would remember the book and be interested in the film production, so why not?

Don’t forget Convergence 14 this week! I’ll have a table with GingerDead and Friends art prints and other GD goodies. Jim will be with me with some kick ass chainmail jewelery. The vendors area is open to the public, no laminate badge needed, so come by and say hi. Also, be sure to check out the events listing for the bands, dj’d events, fashion show and more.

As always, your haiku comments are much desired. Rawrr!

<3 calan

13 Responses to “between the lines”

  1. Chance Says:


  2. Gabe Says:

    the closet is bare
    no monster hiding within
    don’t look behind you

  3. calan Says:

    nothing behind me
    still sense a monster’s presence
    avoiding mirrors

  4. Seraphine Says:

    vampire porcupine
    a first date. just what i love
    using quills as straws

  5. matthew Says:

    I loved that book as a child. I had forgotten they were going to make a movie from it. I truly hope they grow some balls and make it a great movie. The hell with making it G or PG rated. I loved the Brothers Grim stuff when i was a kid as well and they are making a PC game based on it but the little i have seen from it so far i am not sure i’m gonna like it as much as i liked the PC game American Mcgee’s Alice. But i am still hopeful.

    Loved this weeks installment. Great job on the monster. The face is so good.

    staying well hidden
    patient, preparing, hungry
    waiting for slumber

    making little noise
    slowly moving from cover
    approaching the bed

    the morsel awaits
    young, tender, juicy, so…good
    all senses singing

    the meal is at hand
    with first bite something is wrong
    whats this…a cookie?!!!

  6. Amanda Says:

    When i saw it that was the first thing i thought of too. There was a lot of comercialization when the first hints that the movie was being made they had released gobs of tee shirts bags and other lovely wild things merchandise a few years ago hot topic was full of it. I remember reading that one and the Mercer Mayers Monsters books when i was significantly younger and even more recently with my cousins kids. Ah, nastalgia. I do hope to see you this weekend but the stomach flu has attacked and ransacked my family. And as much as biological warfare sounds so appealing right now I’d hate to infect people that dont really deserve it. so the current answer is “we’ll see”. If I do not see you have a lovely time.

  7. calan Says:

    Matt – thanks for all the haikus! I’m not much of a gamer but the box and ads for American McGee’s Alice were amazing. I’m sure the graphics and plotline and all that are equally awesome. A creepy Brothers Grimm one sounds great, as well. I loved those stories, too. Honestly, I should reread some of it now as I have a feeling I’d like them even more now and be really inspired by it. It would be fun to write and illustrate my own fairy tale or fable one day. 😀

    Amanda – Thanks. I hope you and yours are feeling better soon and can stop by and say hello. I can always bring a puke bucket and keep it under my table, just in case. 😀

  8. matthew Says:

    My sister isn’t a gamer either but that was such a cool and dark version of Alice in Wonderland that she really got into it. I haven’t seen the same from the new game so i can only hope they haven’t shown that aspect of it yet. Time will tell.

  9. calan Says:

    you’re making me want to buy it. bad matt! i really avoid games because they will just suck up time i should spend making stuff. however, my obsessive phase usually only lasts a couple of weeks and then i’m over it for good, but still. besides that, i have carpel or something in my wrists. anything that involves clicking or pushing buttons repetitively sets it off really bad. anyway, i doubt i’ll get it, but i’m awfully curious now. it sounds awesome.

  10. matthew Says:

    Weeeell i hate to bring this up since it may suck big time, with Hollywood involved, but they are making a movie based on the game since it was such a huge hit. I hate that they chose the lead they did since she looks nothing like the main character but who knows maybe she will surprise me. They are having some trouble or other in the making of the movie so maybe it will never be finished either. Maybe you will and maybe you wont get to see the vision that made that game one of my all time favorites. I still want them to make it, i just hope they don’t Hollywood it to death. Just have to see. Take care. Have a great weekend.

  11. calan Says:

    ooh, i hope it’s realllly dark! i have an edition of Alice in Wonderland that is from the 40s and it has the original illustrations in it before she got all Disney-fied. Those illustrations are creepy, weird, wonderful. anyway, i’m going to keep my fingers crossed that they do it right.

    you have a great weekend, too. i’m almost ready for this convention…almost. back to work 🙂

  12. amanda Says:

    I love alice and wonderland. Its one of my favorite stories i’ll have to check out this game because i’m a mega gamer. The alice topic made me think of this really awesome song that one of the online radio stations i listen to brought to my attention a few years ago Escape Key – The Girl that’s never been. Its really good its sorta based on the books i think its actually based on a short story fan fic someone wrote but i dont know the whole back ground info around it. I fell in love with it though and i hope you guys like it.

  13. coolioness Says:

    WOW I’m late. >

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