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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

If you are celebrating the 4th of July on Friday, have fun and try not to blow up. Check out this x-ray of a hand that held on to a firework a little too long. Be glad it’s just the x-ray because the other photo was a mangled mess of flesh and blood. I decided to spare you that one. If you dig gore you can find it by googling firecracker hand and clicking images. Who knows if it’s even real. The internet lies and I wasn’t interested enough to investigate it farther. I just liked the mangled skeletal hand. 🙂

Firecracker Hand

Last Saturday, I attended one of the coolest events ever. It was a theatrical fashion show entitled A Vampire’s Kiss at the Ybor Cigar Theater in Tampa. Designer Jolyane Santiago’s stunning gothic fashion was showcased on the catwalk with sensual, dark choreographed movements. As various models stalked down the runway to feed on a gorgeous bare chested young male I knew this was a fashion show, I would not forget. There was also a girl with mascara smeared eyes brought to the center stage a la Anne Rice’s parisian vampire theater in Interview with a Vampire. The soon to be victim knelt before us, oblivious of the crowd, trembling and softly praying before being feasted upon by two lovely vamps. Wonderful. The fantastic presentation really fit the fashion, rather than overshadow it. The designs were just as stimulating as the show itself.
In addition to the fashion was original art by Joe Traina as well as live paintings by Christine A. Galas. If the visual feast of A Vampire’s Kiss is any indication of the kind of stuff going on at this venue, you can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on it. I hunger for more. Rawr!

Here’s a bit of video of A Vampire’s Kiss rehearsal. It’s doesn’t do the event justice but it’s better than nothing. A few photos of the event on *tbt.

That’s all for now.  Don’t blow yourself up this weekend.  But, if you do, youTube it or something.  😀

<3 calan

15 Responses to “boom”

  1. Adam_Y Says:

    It’s true… I watched an interview with the owner of that hand on the telley.

    Since he obviously didn’t have the sense to look after that one, I suggest we take his other one before he ruins it too.

    I love the comic today. I’d be caught with promises of pie tasting.

  2. calan Says:

    Adam – you have renewed my faith in the interwebz!

    *fills out online form asking for bank acct info for a chance to win an iphone*


  3. matthew Says:

    Ah Ven, you crafty dangerous fratricidal beauty.

    Smiling, she looks on.
    The snare set, sweet temptation,
    her patience pays off.

    Tasty bait taken,
    heart in joyful ecstasy,
    she awaits the boom.

    Cool x-ray. That will put a stopper to your fun.
    You are always talking about these cool times you have and makes me want to move out there :). Not much of note happens here but my friends and i have gotten good at faking it. Loved the comic as usual. Take care till next time.

  4. calan Says:

    Awesome haikus matt. 🙂

    i really put a bit of effort into finding cool stuff to do. i don’t know if you have an alternative weekly paper there, but most cities do. every thursday i grab one and scan through it for stuff. this last event someone actually emailed me about, but normally i find everything through Creative Loafing. if not a paper, maybe some sort of online guide. i think many small cities are a lot funkier than you’d think at first glance. with a little digging around, they can offer some real gems. i’m originally from new york, so i think i’d go insane if i couldn’t find stuff locally that’s a little different or stimulates the senses in some way. the beach is great, but i need some culture and some trouble too.

    email me if you ever find yourself in the area and we’ll find something weird and fun to do. 😀

  5. coolioness Says:

    Nice X-ray. I’ll have to tell my friend to lay off the illegal fireworks. ;P

    A Pie Taster
    Is WANTED? Oh, sweet rapture!
    Why’s the floor moving?

  6. coolioness Says:

    *A NEW Pie Taster

    ….Sorry for that one. ^^;;;

  7. Gabe Says:

    I certainly will take this fireworks warning and stick to shooting guns willy nilly in the air.

  8. calan Says:

    coolio i love that haiku – perfect final line 🙂

    gabe – i’m going to call you killer…because you slay me. (not to mention the bodies you have buried beneath the kitchen floorbaords)

  9. Seraphine Says:

    Vendetta is sooo mean!
    But still, I guess there’s worse ways to
    die than being rocketed into space.
    Like watching re-runs of Desperate Housewives.
    I love your comic. Happy 4th.

    up up and away
    surprise you’re in outer space
    a holiday high

  10. calan Says:

    or watching Real Housewives of Wherever. happy 4th to you too 🙂 thx for the haiku.

  11. Chance Says:

    I remember how much it hurt when I had just barely opened my hand before a short-fused firecracker went off. I would imagine that could happen if you were gripping it really tight and the explosive energy had nowhere to go.

  12. NobleSavage Says:

    You’ve just made this starving college student even hungrier with your deliciously funny comic… 🙁

  13. calan Says:

    college students sure are delicious! i like them bbq style on warm potato rolls. some people add cole slaw on top but not me. i prefer….

    oh wait, you were referring to the comic…um, nevermind…

    good to see you, friend. glad to still you’re still creating blasphemous comickery.

  14. calan Says:

    chance – do you have a deformed monkey like paw now? that would be super duper hawt!

  15. NobleSavage Says:

    No, but I get temporary cancer every time I walk into a church or candy store…

    Good to see you too (in an internet sort of way). I’ve been around, just lurking… snacking on the Ginger and the Dead.

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