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daydream shattered

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I’m too excited to write a blahg post. It’s Tuesday afternoon as I write this and in a few hours I’ll be seeing She Wants Revenge at Jannus Landing here in Saint Pete. hOOOO! If you think they sound too monotone, save it for someone who cares. 😛 As someone who grew up listening to bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, New Order, etc. they feel like revisiting an old place and discovering new things about it to love.

I’m also a huge sucker for excellent lyrics and they are descriptive metaphorical allegorical gods in my book. Smelling like 2 am, tasting like a tear…love that stuff. Here are a few of my favorite lines from Sister:

“Her every word was in italics / As it would fall from her lips / The walls were made of broken promises / He hoped this wouldn’t be his”

Of course, Tear me Apart taps into something we’ve all experienced in the ‘hooking up’ process at one point or another. The electric pull towards someone, the dance, the moments of trying to convince yourself it’s nothing but not being able to resist the unexplainable force of lust, love, passion and the desire being so strong you want to tear into them. Yum! That is one sexy song! This She Wants Revenge Tear You Apart promo video is really cool too. It’s like a short silent film.

Anyway, I’m in the happy, crazy pre-show moments and can’t think of anything else to talk about. Enjoy the comic and if you want to check out She Wants Revenge you can listen and watch videos here or their myspace or on youtube.

<3 calan

8 Responses to “daydream shattered”

  1. Gabe Says:

    i like squirrels

  2. Seraphine Says:

    nevermind i can barely tell the difference
    between a squirrel and a chipmunk, the
    actuality is they’re types of rodents but
    i still like watching them. one even got
    on my knee last summer when i was
    feeding it. they get tame around people.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    new order *has* to be one of the greatest
    bands ever. radiohead should be so lucky.

  4. justme Says:

    This is just to say

    I think you’re all right
    it’s only that
    my other friends are much too cool
    to hang out with a cookie boy

    and yeah
    having a bunch of squirrel friends
    to hang out with
    *is* really cool

    see ya

  5. Seraphine Says:

    nesting squirrely friends
    furry curly-tailed courtship
    acrobatic joy

  6. calan Says:

    She Wants Revenge was amazing! I of course infiltrated the audience with GingerDead postcards. 😛 Besides handing them out, a big thanks to the cool tattoo girl working the tour table who let me put a stack there. It was like being a sneaky unofficial sponsor. Hehe.

    After the show, I had a few cards left and decided to swing by the tour bus and see if I could get them into the bands hands. Taking over the world one interesting human at a time, ya know? Well, it worked. I actually got to meet the guys and got my stub autographed (that’s as in ticket not severed appendage although that would be way cooler) and I gave them my lil postcards and said hey i plugged the hell out of you on my site. Hopefully, they’ll take a peek one day. Either way, it was an amazing night. They are just as rad off stage as they are on. 😀

  7. Dragoness Cowgirl Says:

    I agree! I love them too–first saw them 2 1/2 years ago opening for the “Lovemakers” at the Fillmore in San Francisco and have seen them 7 times since. And I’m going to see them again at the Fillmore June 20 (of course, this time, they’re the headliner!).

    Another great California band–I guess we are a bit spoiled that way. But you have Cruxshadows! 🙂

    Love the comics, by the way…


  8. Seraphine Says:

    *waving to the band*
    you can sign my severed appendage anytime.

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