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road trip (haiku)

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

As I write this, it’s 8pm on Monday night and I’ve been operating on over-drive since yesterday.  The opportunity to take a road trip to Miami came up and I find travel hard to resist.  However, I have clients with graphic design needs and readers who expect a comic on Wednesday.  I was all set to let the opportunity pass me by yesterday but today I decided that a balance between responsibility and impulsive behavior was possible if I put my mind to it.  It’s been a long day but my clients are sorted and you guys get your comic.  It’s not fancy, of course, but it should hold you over til next week.  😉

So what brings me to Miami?  Jim got a last minute offer to be in a short indie film and wanted me to join him on the adventure.  We’ve managed to get a place to stay through a friend of a friend and we’ll be staying in a warehouse/art studio/living quarters.  It should be fun.

Before I dash off to pack and do more work stuff (we leave around 4 am o.O ) I have to mention the killer party I attended on Saturday night.  It was to celebrate the Vitale Brothers new studio space and was packed with art, a fashion show, live music and interesting people.  Check out this family of artists here and be sure to also check out their links page where there are many more cool artists to explore.  I lost an hour or so bouncing around their site the other night.  I think you’ll dig it.
Okay I’m off.  Internet access may be a bit of a challenge while I’m gone so if I don’t approve or reply to a comment or email, be patient with me til I get back online.
<3 calan

15 Responses to “road trip (haiku)”

  1. The Wife Says:

    Ooooh, I love road trips! FUN!! Great comic once again, Calan!

    BTW, I can’t WAIT until my GD mug arrives!!!! 😀

  2. Ratchet Says:

    That haiku…I’m choking on my coffee…brillian– I finally know the basis for my next tatoo.
    Wicked. Love the comics!

  3. calan Says:

    aw thanks The Wife 🙂

    welcome Ratchet. funny you should mention tattoos, i’m currently in a cyber cafe inSouth Beach Miami, down the block from Miami Ink. Love to see the tat you end up with.

    *waves to everyone from Miami*

    *runs away before I get charged another $1 😛

  4. coolioness Says:

    Woohoo! Go calan!

    Impulsive travel-
    One of the best luxuries
    You will ever have.

  5. The Wife Says:

    I received my GingerDead mug yesterday…it’s the cutest mug EVER!!! 😀

  6. DaisyChainsaw Says:

    woo! have fun on your trip!
    be careful of hitchers……………some are pointy

  7. ratchet Says:

    I’ve been runnin all over the internets and digging through all the links on http://www.theworldexplodes.com and I could kick myself for not coming here sooner and being a more active reader. Pout. Thanks for the welcome, I hope you have happy fun time travel, my tat is all busy being made for me at a less on tv shop in St. Paul. Hooray for W7th.

  8. calan Says:

    i’m home safe and ever so sleepy but am going to an art opening in about an hour anyway, wee! how can one resist giant metal creatures?

    ratchet, what’s the tat of? i see you do barista girl – going to check your comic out as soon as i get done going crazy and settle down a bit.

    btw i’m pretending to be out of town until monday so shhhh, dont tell the rest of the internets!

  9. R.T. Says:

    Calan, damnit, don’t you ever read my mass emails about my everexpanding empire? I’m hosting several comics now, and on top of that Ratchet lives with The Wife and I. I’m adding two more in march :-p. Jeebus girl.

    You’ll get a kick out of Ratchet’s stuff, seriously.

  10. Chance Says:

    Fun. Are you going to get a role in the film too?

    @DaisyChainsaw -So you’re the other person who likes KatieJane Garside. 😀

  11. ratchet Says:

    The tat is a secret…tee-hee….I promise I won’t tell the internet that your pretending to be on vacation. As long as you don’t tell the internet that I have an unusally large amount of kitten pictures! Bwa!

  12. calan Says:

    ratchet – i loves me some kittens! ‘specially with gravy. 😛 actually, i have two kitties myself and a halloween style kitty tattooed on my right wrist.

    chance – naw, i just went for the lulz

    rt – yah i do actually read those emails you send, but i never got around to checking out ratchet’s site. i hardly look at anything on the internets lately. just do my thing and run away.

  13. R.T. Says:

    Oh, I know… Just givin’ ya a hard time, young lady.

  14. Seraphine Says:

    Sorry I missed last week’s comic.
    I’ve been sick with the flu and have
    gotten soo behind on everything.

  15. Klumpfisken Says:

    After reading through the archives up to here, all I could think of as I read the text for this comic, was the repeated phrase some comics ago…
    “I know I can, I know I can, I know….” 😀

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