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aggressive valentine

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s day and that means you have to be nice to your partner and buy him or her presents, right?  Commercialism says so!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above celebrating holidays of any sort.  I just wouldn’t want anyone to force me to behave in a romantic fashion out of guilt or just because it’s what you do on this day.

People assume I’m dark, and maybe I’m am in a lot of ways, but I’m all for love and expressing it and showing it every chance I get.  My point isn’t to bash the holiday.  Eat your damn chocolate and all that.  It’s great.  Just remember why you are in the relationship to begin with and embrace that energy all the time.  If you can’t remember why your together than love yourself instead and dump the bastard.  Hoo!

Speaking of love…Do you know how much I love you guys?  I just left a perfectly fun gig and 3 dollar Sangrias to rush home, finish the comic and get it up in time.  ‘Tis true!  <3 Before I head back out to fill my belly with more fermented fruity goodness, looky what I discovered.  J, who has been commenting and haikuing with us for a long time now is in a comicjam contest over at Global Comic Jam.  The site is well worth checking out and you can join the forum and cast your vote for him or whomever you deem worthy here. Good luck J!
My tab’s still open. O.o  Gotta run.

<3 calan

21 Responses to “aggressive valentine”

  1. SleepingOrange Says:

    Lenoire’s savage teeth
    Tear into cardiac flesh
    But then where’s it go?

  2. PhoenixAnew Says:

    I heartily agree with on Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I have been together for just short of 5 years now, and we’ve never actually celebrated the holiday. We may do something if its on a weekend, but we don’t exchange gifts. We prefer to be sweet to each other all year round instead.

  3. Starguy Says:

    Heart stolen from chest
    Oh a yummy little treat
    Love tastes like chicken

  4. steve schmidt Says:

    have a heart!

  5. calan Says:

    welcome Phoenix and steve 🙂

    phoenix – congrats on 5 years of sweet lovin’ 🙂

  6. Seraphine Says:

    no ripping open
    it’s only meaningful if
    it’s given freely

  7. calan Says:

    so true seraphine
    but look at his expression
    blissful surrender


  8. Musings Says:

    Calan suggested I post this here, so I will. It was written in a similar spirit to the comic above, but Calan’s execution, of course is much superior.

    Comments and criticisms or even simply reading are mucho appreciated, and I hope you all enjoy Valentine’s Day in whatever way you wish.


    in this light, my love,
    your ribs press urgently
    as if they can no longer contain
    the gift you have offered me.

    i imagine reaching
    into the spaces
    in between
    grabbing the opening
    of a ventricle,
    sticking in a straw,
    drinking you

    when you said
    you’d give me your heart
    is this what you meant:
    kissing my fresh bloodied lips,
    receiving my surgeries unnumbed?

    next time,
    dear lover,
    you should specify.

  9. Musings Says:

    oh and my newly formed myspace, with other poetic bits and pieces as well as lots and lots of bright things is:


  10. calan Says:

    hey Musings, thanks for posting you’re amazing poem. i will definitely be checking out your myspace. you are an amazing writer and your poem expresses my own feelings so well that i want to consume it.

    *prints poem, inserts in mouth, chews*

  11. Gabe Says:

    his hideous heart
    taken by his valentine
    the echo remains

  12. calan Says:

    gabe – ‘the echo remains’ makes me think of phantom limb syndrome only with organs. h a w t !

  13. Withershins Says:

    Spot on, calan!

    I snagged “aggressive valentine” for my wallpaper–can’t wait until tomorrow when my sweetie-lovingspoon comes over and sees it! *snickers*

    Thank you for your exceptional commitment, through thick and through three-dollar sangrias. Cheers!

  14. Seraphine Says:

    You’re right Calan. GingerDead isn’t
    resisting Lenoir. It’s sweet surrender.

  15. Marc.Gayle Says:

    Hey Calan,
    If we wanted to get in touch with you, how would we do that?


  16. calan Says:

    calanATgingerdeadDOTcom 🙂

  17. Chance Abattoir Says:

    She looks hongreh. I didn’t even know it was valentine’s until my avatar pooped out a heart. o.0

  18. calan Says:

    lulz, chance!

  19. coolioness Says:

    Sweetened surender
    He willingly gives his heart
    To his bony love.

    …Literally! ^^

    Eh, V-Day brought me great…confusion. I hate V-Day’s commercialism, thereofre I refuse to celebrate it.

    …SO my friend gave me a flower. >_>;;

  20. calan Says:

    you could have bitten the head off and spit it back at your friend 😀

  21. Ratchet Says:

    How apt. Seriously. You have NO idea…>.>

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