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thunder strike

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

The other day I was thinking about all the lies our parents tell us as kids. Most are harmless, of course, but still, totally b.s. This was one of the ones my mom told me when there would be loud cracks of thunder in the sky. My favorite and most frustrating one was that at midnight on Christmas Eve the animals could talk. Of course, we would be at my annoying Aunt’s house and not get home til after midnight. I would really be freaking out at the thought of missing such an opportunity and for the life of me couldn’t understand why the adults weren’t equally excited to hear what our pets might have to say. Grr!

I remember only a couple others at the moment but I know there are tons. For example, eating the crust on the bread because that’s where all the nutrients are stored. The bread goes in as one lump and the outside browns, how on earth do the nutrients run from the rest of the bread and cling to the crust?! Another one, which my Mom spared me because even as a child I wasn’t a complete moron, was that if you swallow the pit of a fruit, it could grow a tree in your stomache. I’m sure the point was just to keep the kid from choking on a pit, but give me a break. I had many arguments about how ludicrous this was with kids convinced it was fact because their Mom or Dad told them. Crazy.

If you think of any your parents told you, let me know. Could end up comic fodder.

I have some photos for you this week of a magickal, trippy, bohemian place called the Blueberry Patch. It’s hard to even begin to describe it. Jim explained it as unexplainable and just took me over there. It’s in Gulfport, FL, not too far from downtown St. Pete, in a residential area. You basically think you are walking into a normal backyard and find yourself transported to this dirt path twinkling with junk art and white lights. You pass through a tent and donate whatever you can. In return, we got 2008 dayplanners. Hehe.

As we made our way outside of the tent, the land opens up into an enormous yard. Imagine a field with winding paths lined in insane, smiley art pieces made from recycled trash like old bathtubs, vintage halloween lawn decorations, tin cans, you name it. There was a light-brite type toy made of empty water bottles filled with colored water, mannequin parts plunged in the earth, faded plastic santa hanging from the branches of an enormous tree as well as artisans selling their wares. In addition, there is a large stage for musicians and a cool patch-wearin’ rasta dude who makes the most amazing smoothies spiked with enough ginger to make them burn.

We had a field day passing Jim’s camera back and forth. It was really almost too much. Every inch of space screams, “I’m interesting and strange, take my picture!” Unfortunately because of the limits of FlickR basic, Jim ran out of space to upload them all until next month so I only managed to snag a handful. These images are cool, but it really isn’t enough to give you an inkling of how unusual this hidden hippy artist wonderland is. There are a few more on my FlickR and I’ll add more when I can. Feel free to upgrade me to premium! 😛

The Blueberry Patch is open on the 1st, 7th, 11th and 22nd of each month according to their site. Anyone local to this area, should really not miss the experience. If you’re visiting keep those days of the month in mind. You can get details about the Blueberry Patch and Sharevival here.

the blueberry patch

the blueberry patch

the blueberry patch

the blueberry patch

the blueberry patch

the blueberry patch

the blueberry patch

Next week I should have new photos to show you of this past weekend’s adventure. One word teaser: carnies! 😉 See you then.
<3 calan

19 Responses to “thunder strike”

  1. Starguy Says:

    Hey i’m actually first. Sweet. That place looks really incredible and I will be sure to go there if i’m ever in Florida. I can’t think of any parental lies at the moment but i’m sure they existed.

  2. Seraphine Says:

    My dad went hunting once, and brought home a dead rabbit. He told me he killed the easter bunny. I cried and cried. How could be do such a thing?

    dark sky opens. oh!
    is that the sun parting through?
    falls disappointment.

  3. calan Says:

    oh, wow sera that is so mean! it’s kinda funny too. 😛 wouldn’t be if you were a wee child though. come to think of it, one of the stray dogs we took in was real naughty and disappeared. i was told my father took it to this wonderful family with a farm. i have reason to believe he drove it off somewhere and dumped it on the side of the road. 🙁 ugh.

  4. Withershins Says:


    And what’s with dads–there was once a dad who told his kid that he was a pirate…and it didn’t help matters much that the man worked aboard a fishing vessel.

    My brother and I were always warned by our grandmother that our “faces would freeze like that” if we didn’t stop with the contortions–we can still dream, though. 😛

  5. coolioness Says:

    That place sounds awesome. ^^

    The angel gets a
    gutterball, and I’m the one
    who suffers for it.

    Swallowing gum sticks it to your heart and you die one year earlier than you should have. Proven fact. ~_^

  6. calan Says:

    zomg coolio i’m prolly on my last year then. i’ve swallowed a lot of gum in my days. O.o

  7. R.T. Says:

    I usually steer the hell away as soon as I hear the word “Bohemian”, if we were playing word association, I typically would attatch it to the word “Nightmare” (thanks mom and dad). Seems pretty interesting though, junk art innit really my bag.

    Reminds me of a conversation I had once, between myself and the manager of the fancy bistro down the all from the Nine to Five. Last winter, in one of our -30 cold snaps, he said that the homeless guy he usually avoids at all costs seemed to not move from the exact same location for days. He was pretty sure he was dead (turns out he was, he was poked with a stick). I mentioned how cool it would be, considering the amount of frozen hobo corpses that seem to pop up all over Minneapolis, to have like a “Found Hobo Sculpture Garden.” The idea seemed to have unanimous support, but evidently there is a respect for the dead issue. I dunno, I thought it would of been really keen.

    But what do I know, I drink a lot.

    Calan, the comic looks great darlin’, keep up the good work.

    Sera, your dad shot the easter bunny because it tasted good. If Santa tasted good, we’d shoot him too. God only knows his caribou probably have dodged a few bullets (ever had a reindeer steak? It’s good shit).

    AAAANnnd… no poetry from me.

  8. Heinrich Says:

    haven’t commented here in awhile.
    withershins – ‘gutterball’ – lol. no kidding.

  9. jessssssss Says:

    eating bread crust gives you chest hair (or curly hair)
    if you make a funny face in the wind your face will stick like that

  10. calan Says:

    R.T. who says Santa doesn’t taste good? only one way to find out….

  11. Tara Says:

    hihi ^_^ oh I’m like uber excited i’ve been following your comics for a few months now but never commented…anyway I remember as a child i never understood the process of digestion… when i asked my mom how it worked She explained to me that our stomach was a machine that ground up food took out the nutrients and then sent the rest ‘away.’ anyway for the longest time afterwards I believed that i was a cyborg with mechanical factory inside my stomach with the huge (yet tiny) machines going click lack click clack as it ground up my food with a covayer belt and everything. Every time my stomach growled i thought it was cuz one of the machines were either stalling or malfunctioning. Which got me thinking… If my stomach was a factory did that mean little thingies ran around running it? I decided there must be and from then till I was like 6 or 7 i talked to my tummy and thanked the workers for keeping me healthy… even as a little kid I was very smart about mechanics and machinery xD

  12. Tara Says:

    O.o my post got cut short… anyway…Another childhood lie i believed in for the longest time was actually one i made up myself. It was about the mysterious flushing sound that came from the bathroom ate at night when no one was there. See growing up in an apartment you can always here the sounds of people upstairs showering or something. As a little kid though i was bewildered, and freaked out by the mysterious sounds of flushing when there was no one in the bathroom. wondering how the toilet could flush on it’s own I came up with the idea of angel’s going bathroom. I mean if humans went potty why wouldn’t our guardian angels? So late at night when i was cuddled in my bed unable to fall asleep, I would sometimes hear the bathroom flush and figure my guardian angel had gone off to take a bathroom break. lolz i was a silly little kid xD

  13. calan Says:

    tara – those are both awesome! you have a wonderful imagination. glad you decided to comment. 🙂

  14. R.T. Says:

    Calan: Hell, let’s get down. You shoot the bastard, and I’ll guttem.

  15. suchaboy Says:

    angels play golf too…
    i want angel bowling shoes
    i bet they look sweet

  16. calan Says:

    boy with shoe fetish –
    strap-on wings are also hot
    don’t fly without me

  17. DaisyChainsaw Says:

    oh wow! all this junk art is uber uber awesome……pity i will probabally never see it as i live in the uk, but hey….maybe i could host my own thing like the blueberry patch in england! could be fun 🙂
    when i was about 6 or so, my mum told me that i couldnt have a pony because we couldnt afford it. so then i spent the next two tears begging for a unicorn because everyone knows theyre a lot cheaper and self-sustainable.

  18. calan Says:

    unicorn’s are totally the way to go. you know they poop rainbows right?

  19. DaisyChainsaw Says:

    sure! thats where biodiesel comes from!

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