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Chris Hallbeck – the Book of Biff – Saves the Day!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

You were all getting shafted until a few minutes ago. I’ve been in Hades, not as fun as I would have hoped. Hot and Cold and Feverish and Painful and Scary and Too Many Doctors and Not Enough Answers and Stuff! Bad week, but awesome week too. I’ve dealt with pain like I’ve never known before and I feel like a warrior and kinda thrilled to be alive…or soon to be alive… Anyway, I am really ill and Chris just happened to ring me today to say hello. He heard my horror stories and surprised me by whipping up tonight’s comic. Can you believe that it’s possible to get friends like that over the internet? ( Only $99.99, limited time! )

So show some Chris some love, visit his comic (like you dont already!) The Book of Biff or better yet, do some last minute Christmas shopping and buy his book. It’s awesome and inexpensive and offbeat and funny and you should go buy it right away for yourself and every one you know!

Is my fever showing?

Hey, here is a great quote I found when I was trying to find my way out of a black pit of horror: “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us.” That made me feel like a ninja and helped me get through some stuff.

Another thing I found is to take the dark stuff and just hug it. Embrace it, don’t try to hide from it, you know? It’s all part of life. So when they pulled out vials and vials of blood for no purpose and then refused to give them to me, I didn’t get frustrated. I focused on the color of the crimson fluid in the glass and imagined how beautiful they would look on a kitchen window sill with the sun shining in creating liquid ruby reflections on the walls. Weee!

Anyway…Have a beautiful Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas and all that. See you next week, I think. πŸ˜›

22 Responses to “Chris Hallbeck – the Book of Biff – Saves the Day!”

  1. SleepingOrange Says:

    “If it hurts so bad,”
    Grandpa said with a grin, “Well,
    We’ll just cut it off!”

    Hmm, this doesn’t look like Chris’s work…


  2. J Says:

    well calan, i really want to post something encouraging, but i got nothing.

    suppose the only thing to do then is keep your head down and power through. though you might consider in mind that when it’s over, this is going to make a good story, and stories are cool. and hey, whatever does’nt kill you makes you stronger. unless it leaves you paralyzed from the neck down. and did you really ask to keep your blood samples? that’s awesome.

    also, SleepingOrange; that’s because without the customary six month advance, he was unable to outsource it to korea like he does with his regular comic.

    ps. if you ever need another guest comic, you can also email me.

  3. J Says:

    ok, rereading that, i think i need to go get some sleep.

  4. Adam_Y Says:

    hope you get well soon…

    “So when they pulled out vials and vials of blood for no purpose and then refused to give them to me”

    Doctors are rubbish at sharing.

  5. Seraphine Says:

    I love Wednesdays b/c it’s new comic day.
    Then I went: “That’s not Calan’s drawing!”
    I love Biff, read it every day. I’m sorry
    about your ear confection. Get well soon.

  6. Rodro Says:

    Head explodes in pain
    sinusoidal malfunctions
    drive me quite insane

  7. calan Says:

    You got me Sleeping Orange. I just said it was Chris because I like to pretend I have friends. πŸ™

    Either thÑt or it looks a lil different because he spends say 3 – 5 hours on one panel of Biff and whipped this 4 panel strip out for me in less than an hour.

    You decide.

    Adam – Doctor’s are rubbish at everything! It’s day 8 here and I am still fevered and crazy. Weeeeeeeee.

    Thanks for the well wishes and haikus every one. πŸ™‚

  8. calan Says:

    J – Thanks J. I’m approaching this thing Ninja style and ‘powering thru’. Yeah, I did ask about the vials. It just seemed stupid to take them and not use them. I knew they would laugh and think i was joking which they did. Hmph. I felt sort of robbed, you know? Plus I’m light on the holiday shopping and thought I had found the perfect gift source in them. Oh well.

    Back to bed I go.

  9. coolioness Says:

    Aw, keep on creeping on, calan! ^^ (I’m beginning to feel as if I say “Calan” it’s wrong. xD)

    The fun thing about
    being a cookie is the
    “Break off your Pains” Rule.


  10. The Book of Biff Webcomic » Archive » #403 - Striped Says:

    […] My friend Calan was really sick recently and so I drew her some fan art to cheer her up. She posted it as a guest comic. Check it out here and leave her a get well wish from me. […]

  11. justme Says:

    an infected ear
    is all you need to find out
    who your true friends are

    when they take your blood
    they don’t ever give it back
    how can that be fair?

    Maybe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – but it sounds like you’re probably plenty strong enough at this point, so I hope you’re feeling better by the time you see this, calan.

  12. calan Says:

    thanks justme. i’m home now, going to veg out a couple days. during this whole 10 day ordeal i was housesitting a friend’s kitties across town which was probably a good thing because i couldn’t access my work and therefore was forced to lay around like a slug. a shivering slug, deaf in one ear, battling 103 fever and pneumonia. wee! anyway, i’ve climbed out of the pits of hell and am just exhausted now. should be back to ‘normal’ soon. πŸ˜€

  13. Chris Says:

    Wow that comic is really big! You can tell I’m used to drawing at a different scale… I think I did each panel as it it were an individual Biff cartoon. πŸ™‚

  14. Lorcan Dragonskull Says:

    Just heard about your dance with the reaper. I did that same dance recently and won, even with a whopping 103 degree fever also. When you return to the land of the living and banish the grim one back to whence he came, you will have a greater appreciation of your health, stamina, and recuperative powers than ever.
    Keep on fightin’ the good fight and hang in there, it can only get better!
    Best regards,

  15. Silfedac Says:

    Whee! Guestness!

  16. calan Says:

    chris – it rocks πŸ™‚ thank you so much again.

    lorcan – i agree. i’ve been chomping at the bit to have some fun again…hell to just live and do normal things. it’s the little things, you know? tomorrow, i’m going to see Sweeney Todd no matter what. πŸ™‚

  17. Seraphine Says:

    shivering slug lays
    like escargot stuck in snow
    hibernating spring

  18. calan Says:

    hehe i love that one, sera.

  19. Seraphine Says:

    Thank you! Merry Christmas Calan
    and other GingerDead readers. Hugs.

  20. EvilCouch Says:

    Lenoir is so thoughtful. πŸ˜€ Merry Christmas, Calan.

  21. calan Says:

    merry christmas πŸ™‚

  22. The Book of Biff » Archive » #403 - Striped Says:

    […] My friend Calan was really sick recently and so I drew her some fan art to cheer her up. She posted it as a guest comic. Check it out here and leave her a get well wish from me. […]

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