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oh noes!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

What if the little train that could…couldn’t?

What if chanting, “I know I can” just wasn’t enough to make it happen? Yes, sure, a positive approach can make a huge difference when you tackle a situation. It truly can and does.  But, is it defeatist to acknowledge that maybe you have some limitations?  I’m not saying it’s not possible to overcome them, but I think perhaps recognizing their presence is part of that.  Shoving false confidence down your own throat might not get you anything but nausea.  That’s been my experience this week for the most part.

It’s not been all bleh though by any means. On Friday night I went to a killer psychobilly gig – the Nekromantix and the Koffin Kats.  Bruising good times.  Nothing like tossing yourself into a pit of mashing bodies to remind yourself you are, in fact, quite alive.  Besides, you just can’t do anything but smile when there is a coffin-shaped upright bass in your presence.

Speaking of musicians that make me smile, check out my friend Jimmy Morey playing double trumpet.  If you are a stumbler, digger, youtuber or whatevs, show him some love, ok? He’s pretty awesome and his lust for life and unstoppable energy contradict all my blabbering above.  😛

See ya next week.

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9 Responses to “oh noes!”

  1. Gabe Lippmann Says:

    nibble tiny bits
    never sate deep appetite
    or sink your teeth deep

  2. calan Says:

    i’ll try to remember that next time sensei 😉

  3. Seraphine Says:

    someone once told me
    don’t bite your nose off in spite
    better to lick it

  4. Rodro Says:

    what a tasty hand
    thumb sucking gone very wrong
    guess I’ll do without

  5. Ballpoint Penguin Says:

    The little train that said, “I think I can, I think I can…” later said “Oh, crap, I’m not! Oh, crap, I’m not!” and then later said, “Why did I bother? Why did I bother?”

  6. jimbop Says:

    i tried myself once
    im not my sort of flavor
    but you might like it

  7. Karen El Says:

    Aiming for what is difficult means that a lot of the time you fail.

    If you won every time, where’s the challenge?

  8. lamer Says:

    Thoughts can become things…
    But my girlfriend is not here
    Good thinking is bull

  9. coolioness Says:

    isn’t neccasarily
    bad if you’re both the

    Meal and the Eater.
    But I have to truthfully
    Say that it’s painful.

    Well, I tried. The Little Engine that Could was on meth! …Okay, maybe not, that only seemed to work once, now didn’t it?

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