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rodent drum circle (haiku)

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

So, I had this completely stupid dream that I was drumming really hard on GingerDead’s head and when he protested I explained that I had to use his head because the acoustics were so great. I was indicating, of course, that his head was empty but he didn’t grasp it which made me laugh. It was one of those dreams where you giggle in your sleep so much that it wakes you up. In the half awake state, I was still amused and vowed to remember it in the morning. Of course when I woke up the next day and recalled it, I thought, “Huh? That’s not funny.” Am I the only one that has these sorts of dreams? At least this one made some sense. Sometimes I wake up hysterical at something that makes absolutely no sense. At any rate, dreams rock. In pondering mine, I imagined little mice chewing their way into GingerDead’s head for a drum circle and thus tonight’s silly comic was born.

Haiku. I never wrote one until incorporating them into the comic and it’s been pretty cool to see other haiku virgin’s get into writing their own in the comments field. Is it possible we can make haiku hip? Will kids be having haiku-offs in back alleys? Um, no probably not. But, I have been noticing a little trend lately. I’ve seen several other comic’s sprinkle one in their strips here and there and a friend sent me a link to this cool site that does an original haiku paired with art based on reader’s subject submissions. It’s called Haiku for You, check it out.

Sometimes, I peek at where traffic is coming from and I noticed in the technorati tool that someone by the name of ‘Alphabet Duck” links to me. I checked out the site and it has some fantastic haikus and thoughtful ponderings. I really enjoyed it and thought you might too. Thanks for the linkage Alphabet Duck. 🙂

For those that are new here and would like to get their feet wet on haiku-ing, here is the basic idea. Keep in mind that you don’t actually have to stick to this format. It’s just the most common one used in English. A haiku is made up of 3 lines – often made up of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables. Following the 5,7,5 format is an easy way to get started. Usually on this site, people tend to react to the comic’s subject matter or art work in haiku format. It’s just the way things evolved, but there are no rules except to have fun with it and don’t burst a blood vessel trying too hard. If you do pop a vein, however, it’s mandatory you write the next haiku in blood and send it to me. 😀

I found a ton of info on haiku techniques, origins, styles, samples, etc. over on ahapoetry.com if anyone is interested.

Ooh, I just noticed Blue Blood Magazine posted my Thanksgiving comic on their site. Thanks Blue Blood!

See you next week!

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12 Responses to “rodent drum circle (haiku)”

  1. Chance Says:


  2. Gabe Says:

    can not turn them off
    images I dare not share
    throbbing in my skull

  3. J Says:

    penetrating sound
    overwhelming resonance
    rhythmic pulsations

  4. Seraphine Says:

    vivid acoustics
    sound vibrates my body- nooo
    it’s my alarm clock

    reaching snooze button
    i find skin and bone instead
    most excellently

  5. coolioness Says:

    Mice drums and chanting-
    echoing in my skull, yet
    I am still unwhole.

    …Is unwhole even a word?

  6. Starguy Says:

    Mice drumming in head
    It has good rythem to it
    Dance to head music

  7. jimmy Says:

    im a mouse right now
    drumming in this cave of mine
    got a record deal

    hope it doesnt suck
    then i will be really broke
    then i’ll want to squeel

  8. calan Says:

    coolio – unwhole is definitely a word.

    jimmy – first post and a double haiku, yay!

    thanks for the haikus everyone 🙂

  9. Rodro Says:

    Skull pounded out by
    Mickey and his evil friends
    Resonance within

  10. lamer Says:

    The beat in my brain
    Is better than today’s pop
    Where is my contract?

  11. ghmtrm Says:

    hi i need a poem about drumming please

  12. ghmtrm Says:

    i need IDEAS about a haiku poem about drumming. i am writing a short book of poems and i need some ideas. thanx

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