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happy place found (haiku)

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Ultimately, another human shouldn’t be relied on for your own happiness, but for a cookie or little skeleton girl, it’s perfectly okay. 😛  Lately, I’m finding a fair amount of joy in simple things like art, theater, open air markets and making stuff like this comic.  I’ve taken two trips to the theater this week.  No, not the movie kind.  The kind with really real people.

On Friday night I saw Hamlet – The Unforgettable Fire at the Studio @ 620.  It was Shakespeare’s play scored to U2.  I enjoyed it.  Saturday’s theater adventure was unbelievable.  I saw Gorey Stories.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with Edward Gorey’s work.  Those who aren’t really need to check it out.  Most people see artwork like mine and assume Tim Burton is my God.  I love Tim Burton, sure, but it’s a shame that people aren’t aware of the artist’s that pre-date him in the dark genre.  While I’m on the subject, let me also mention Charles Addams whose comics in the New Yorker were very dark and filled with offbeat humor.  I’m sure you have seen the Addam’s family television show or films. Fun stuff, but it’s a bit watered down compared to his actual comic from which the other stuff sprung.

Anyway, the play was based on 18 of Edward Gorey’s short stories and limericks.  It was rather saucy and wonderfully macabre.  The set design was simple but splendid in greyscales and line art that mirrored Gorey’s artistic style.  Costumes were uber gothed- out Victorian mahem that made my head spin with glee.  Black and white over-the-top makeup completed the look.  I just can’t express how well Jobsite pulled this production off.  It was perfect.  In case your wondering, yes they did the Gorey’s famous Gashlycrumb Tinies.  It was the last act and the perfect way to end the show.
The play is done all over the US by local production companies and theaters so keep an eye out and catch it if you can.  Most theater’s have email lists you can sign up for to find out what’s coming up.  Join.  Support live theater.  It’s really a great experience.

Hope you enjoyed the comic today.  I think the first panel will be done as a greeting card and t-shirt in plenty of time for Valentine’s day. 🙂  In the meantime, you can buy some t-shirts, holiday cards and other goodies here. See you next week.  (ps.  your haikus – i want them – gimme!)  😛
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<3 calan

17 Responses to “happy place found (haiku)”

  1. Chance Says:

    That heart looks nummy.

  2. Gabe Lippmann Says:

    gentle fluttering
    draws consideration close
    to imminent burst

  3. calan Says:

    killler haiku gabe <3

  4. J Says:

    the pulsating heart
    aptly symbolic of love
    draws life through our veins

  5. Adam Says:

    No haiku from me I’m afraid, it’s just not happening today…

    Live theatre can be great, mostly because there it is, really happening in front of you. There’s so much less disbelief to suspend…

    … I must go and see something soon, it’s been way too long.

    And Edward Gorey… where would we be without him?

  6. Starguy Says:

    Heart beating so fast
    Shovel used to dig up friend
    Happiness is found

    I have long been a fan of Tim Burton and Charles Addams but I must admit I am unfamiliar with Edward Gorey. Thanks to your links I shall rectify that.

  7. Seraphine Says:

    Hand holding the heart
    squeezes warm blood through her veins
    until it drains her

  8. AKAI Says:


  9. Blixa Shirakawa Says:

    I wore the “make it go away” shirt to class one night and one of my fellow students thought it was something the Melancholy Oyster Boy stuff of Burton’s.

    In fact, I get a lot of comments from people that it reminds them of Burton. Then I wear my Gorey bat shirt and they think it’s some rejected design for the Batman logo. Go figure.

  10. Seraphine Says:

    On Blixa’s recommendation,
    I got the ‘make it go away’ shirt too.

  11. calan Says:

    yay! thank you both for buying tees! i would love pics of you wearing to post on the internets. :O you can chop your head off if you want. i’m thinking of making a page of people wearing stuff like stuff sucks does. http://www.stuffsucks.com – great story based webcomic.

    my email addy is simply calan at Gingerdead dot com.

    thanks everyone for the haikus and comments. 🙂

  12. justme Says:

    heart will seek its mate
    even to the ends of Earth
    or deep within it

  13. coolioness Says:

    Gingerbread and Bone,
    Sweet sugar and pearly skulls
    happily intwined.

    …Why do my haiku’s always suck? Damn your abilities! I love them so!

  14. calan Says:

    you’re nuts coolio! that is an awesome haiku.

  15. David Jenkins Says:

    I’m really glad you liked our show!

    Thanks for the support!!!

  16. calan Says:

    hiya David 🙂 i freaking loved the show. i’m looking forward to seeing more jobsite productions. thanks for dropping by my small corner of the internet!

  17. coolioness Says:

    OO My haiku has been proclaimed awesome by the almighty calan!

    *bows* I’m not worthy! 😀 Thanks!

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