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Guest Comic by R.T. Barnham III

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Today’s comic comes from R.T. Barnham III, creator of the The World Explodes.  TWE is not your average webcomic.  In fact,  it’s made me want to wash my brain out with bleach at times.  Disturbing and stylish, check it out if you dare.

See you all on Wednesday with a special treat from comicker Marc de Wolf.
<3 calan store_deadkitty.gif

5 Responses to “Guest Comic by R.T. Barnham III”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    Wow, a new comic and it’s not even Wednesday yet! Love it!

    the thing you fear most
    even if it’s just fresh milk
    comes back to get you

  2. R.T. Says:

    Yer damn right, Seraphine… Especially if the milk is a piece of Newark slag!

  3. The World Explodes! » Archive » Poor Gnome, Pt.8 Says:

    […] Anyway, to repeat, Calan is running a guest strip I did for her long ago over at her webcomic Gingerdead, until like… Wednesday or somethin. So you got another day to day and a half to look at it. […]

  4. coolioness Says:

    Noooooo!!!! Ginger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*

  5. Be a Good Daughter Says:

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