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summertime blues

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Here in the States, we ‘celebrated’ Labor Day weekend (much like a bank holiday for you Europeans). Many consider Labor Day the unofficial end of summer, but here in Florida there is no sign of the promise of Autumn.  The temperature is over 90 and jumping into the Gulf of Mexico is hardly refreshing (89 degrees last time I checked).  Summer’s official end is on the Autumn Equinox (Mabon for my Pagan pals) which I believe this year lands on the 23rd of September.  Perhaps by then there will be a slight indication of less stifling times ahead.

As I go through some personal drama, I can’t help noticing how appropriate the timing is.  With Autumn comes the beginning of the death cycle.  Leaves turn bright colors before falling to earth and rotting.  Flower’s wither and die.  The ground eventually hardens and turns cold. Strangely this time of year is one of the most glorious times to be alive.  I find the crisp air and intense colors life affirming.  Maybe it is the inner knowledge that with death comes rebirth that makes it so beautiful.  At any rate, I’m with GingerDead.  Hey Summer, end already!  Bring on the Season of Death! HOoOooO!

Have a great week. Thanks for reading.

<3 calan store_deadkitty.gif

23 Responses to “summertime blues”

  1. Gabe Lippmann Says:

    I always love the turn, no matter what the next season is. I also like to spit seeds at people 😛

  2. SleepingOrange Says:

    The Season of Death:
    Its approach is nigh, thank God.
    Die, hateful Summer!

  3. Dries Says:

    screw summer it’s allreday over back here!

  4. Starguy Says:

    You’d think vendetta could think of something better than spewing seeds. It seems beneath her 🙂 Great strip Calan.

  5. Lina Olaria Says:

    Mmm . . . used to live in Gainesville. Fall is the time when things cool off but everything stays green . . . weirdly, I miss Florida’s 2 1/2 seasons now.

  6. Seraphine Says:

    i never eat seeds
    imagine one growing like
    unwanted baby

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    tiny black pellets fly
    through the air to disturb the
    unhappy doughboy

  8. justme Says:

    kids these days don’t know
    what they’re missing out on with
    the new seedless kind

    Vendetta often reminds me a lot of my sister when we were growing up. Now is one of those times.

  9. Chris Says:

    Yay GD is back!

    I missed you yesterday. 🙂

  10. avshar Says:

    It’s hard to feel bad for Ginger. He brings it on himself. If it was me i would mash that watermelon into her face hehe. I think she does these things to him because he wont stick up for himself. Its funny that this time its in front of his love. He should take some lessons from the cat. Good job Calan! I missed this Wednesday.

  11. calan Says:

    i missed you guys too. 🙁 stupid data center problems where my server is hosted. sorry about that but it was beyond my control. having your site down is a pretty icky feeling. nice to be back from the dead. i guess i’ll eat some brains now.

  12. AKAI Says:

    ahh, watermelon…how i lurv thee…

    i wanna do i Haiku even though it isn’t one…

    Seeds of flying death,
    the pain, the torture- it stops
    this is summers end

  13. calan Says:

    haikus are always more than welcome Akai 🙂 nice one!

  14. AKAI Says:

    WOO! i was replied too!

    reply=awsomeness x 100

  15. AKAI Says:

    or should i say…HOOO!

  16. Martha Says:

    Ok, so I am definitely hooked on Gingerdead ^_^ I just love it when I stumble across great web comics…Oh, and yay for Florida. I live smack dab in the middle if this horrid, heat drenched state. But, yes bring on the end of summer and the beginning of the season of death *nodnod*

  17. calan Says:


    reply x2 = head explosion? 😛

  18. calan Says:

    glad you stumbled here martha. 🙂

    the middle of the state has to be worse. at least i have the gulf of mexico, albeit hot and bathlike right now.

  19. Alex Says:

    yeah….arizona…not so good either.

  20. calan Says:

    *passes around icey cold mojitos*

  21. Blixa Shirakawa Says:

    I miss real seasonal changes. When I lived in Seattle everyting was incredibly beautiful during fall and spring. Here in California, it remains sunny and about 73 degrees almost the entire 12 months. Ugh.

    Love and light to you dear friend.


  22. Rodro Says:

    Hey, if anyone happens to be in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos this year, keep your eyes peeled for my Lenoire-look-alike mask! Oh yea, and a haiku:
    Fleshy red pepo
    Concealing seedy bullets

  23. calan Says:

    omg Rodro that’s so awesome! I’m fascinated by Dia de los Muertos. Please send me pictures! If it’s okay, I’ll even post them here so others can see. HooOooo!

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