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cat burglar (haiku)

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

You didn’t think Vendetta would get away with it, did you? 😛

The myth about cats’ stealing the breath from babies is one of my favorites.  The story can go a few ways.  One being that the cat is drawn to the scent of milk on the babies breath and it somehow smothers the baby while it’s sniffing or licking at it.  Another is that the cat is an evil creature and it is jealous of the attention the newborn gets so it sneaks into the crib and places it mouth over the child’s nose and sucks it’s breath away.  Pretty cool, huh?  There’s a variation of the cat lying on the babies face too.  Finally, there is the old belief that cat’s and children shouldn’t be raised together or the cat will thrive and the baby will whither away.  When the cat sucks the breath from the infant it is doing so via magick and becoming more powerful by taking the child’s life.

There is really no evidence of cat’s snufficating babies or anyone else but it doesn’t stop people from believing the legend.  I was practically raised by kitties since birth and I’ve never had one sleep on my face or attempt to suck my life away.  I did have one that would randomly stare into my eyes from across the room and after a few moments of  stare down would get up and creep across the room, never blinking or looking away from one of my eyes.  When it reached me it would place a paw on my cheek and press it’s nose into my eye.  It was a kind of eerie ritual but I didn’t protest, lest it later seek revenge on me when I’m sleeping.  O.o

I’ll leave you with a picture of GingerDead reader Avshar ( i have trouble using the word ‘fan’ in relation to myself ) who recently joined Second Life and looked me up.  After getting him out of the noob threads and dressing him in my designs I threw on my Ennui avatar and took him skin shopping. (How appropriate!)  Anyway, Avshar’s having some puter troubles so I’m not sure he’ll see this for a while, but it was great meeting up with a reader in the metaverse.  Definitely a unique way to interact.

Speaking of Second Life, I’ll be out of town (Chicago!) for several days at the SL Community Convention (SLCC) next week.  I don’t have a laptop, so approving new user’s comments will have to wait til I get back.  Hopefully, I will manage to get a strip done by next Wednesday.  I’ll certainly do my best.

Have a great week. 🙂

Lenoir and Avshar Skin Shopping in Second Life

Notice his cool GingerDead  t-shirt.  You can get one in the really real world by visiting my store.  😉

22 Responses to “cat burglar (haiku)”

  1. Gabe Lippmann Says:

    sleep, a fleeting death
    ephemeral traveler
    glimpsing verity

  2. Merry Gildea Says:

    I love this one 🙂
    Glad to see the cat getting some revenge but i hardly think it can be called cruel – it’s merely justice! *grins*

  3. Zef Says:

    aww, i’ve grown up with kitties since birth too. i can’t recall a time in my life when i haven’t had at least one. when i was a small child my cat did like to sleep beside my head at night and watch over me, but one night he got spooked and scratched me and wasn’t allowed to sleep in the house anymore 🙁 but to my knowledge i have yet to be smothered by one 🙂

    my current kitty (Tuatha DeDanann) sleeps on or around me nightly too. she’s adorable, but tends to avoid sleeping near my face, preferring instead the comfort she finds sleeping on or beside and curled up against my legs.

    oh, and i’m so happy to see the cat gaining sweet justice and revenge! i’d like to say, and don’t groan at this one, that the cat had a vendetta against Vendetta and has found a means of reprisal!

  4. J Says:

    i snooze on the couch
    it sought a warm place to sleep
    cat hair in my mouth

    i used to fall asleep on the couch and wake up with the cat laying across my neck, and a mouth full of cat hair. i think she was just looking for a warm spot, could be how she managed to live into her 20s.

    i’ve heard that in ancient japan, they believed that somewhere on a cat’s tail there was a single hair that could grant wishes if plucked, and they would bring cats to dieing people to try their luck. so far as i know they all still died, just with a pissed off cat clawing at their faces.

  5. J Says:

    oh, and this

  6. justme Says:

    when nailing cats to trees
    one takes one’s life in one’s own hands
    a cat does not forgive

    My mom took her cat in to be declawed and upon returning from the vet, holding the cat in one arm and fumbling for her keys with the other hand, as soon as she got the door open the cat broke free and ran upstairs. By the time she got up there he had pooped on her pillow and was lying on the other side of the bed glaring at her. Well, I thought it served her right.

    I did once wake up with my cat sleeping across my face in such a way as to make it hard to breathe. Of course when you can’t breathe you wake up so I’m not sure a cat could kill this way. Anyway his preferred way to wake me up was to climb on my chest and purr loudly, kneading me gently with his front paws, creeping closer and closer to my face until he was practically kissing me, and if I didn’t get up by then he’d bite me on the tip of my nose, one lower fang in each nostril. Needless to say after a couple of these nose nips I shifted his feeding time from morning to evening.

  7. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Maybe that is what happening with Oscar, the death cat:

    “Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die, by curling up next to them during their final hours.

    His accuracy, observed in 25 cases, has led the staff to call family members once he has chosen someone. It usually means the patient has less than four hours to live.”


  8. calan Says:

    i love these kitty stories, especially the one about oscar! thanks for sharing. 🙂

    justme – i had a similar experience. my cat did something to piss my stepfather off..i don’t recall what, but he over reacted and threw my kitty across the yard. O.o Lovely, huh? Well later that day when my cat got back in the house, he went and peed all over my stepfather’s pillow. Now, this was without doubt a personal, f you from my cat because he never ever went to the bathroom in the house before.

    this was the final straw for my stepfather and he took my cat and gave him away. 🙁 however, the people who took him came to my stepfather’s job just days later begging him to take my cat back home because he wouldn’t eat and just cried at the door. soon my little darling was back home with me where he belonged. that cat was by far one of the most intelligent i’ve had. he played rolly polly with me, knew how to sit and give paw on command and would walk by my side to the local deli a few blocks away. he was very very special…sniff, i miss him.

  9. coolioness Says:

    Vendetta sleeps on,
    her breath and her life are caught
    unawares tonight.

  10. Seraphine Says:

    cats don’t kill babies
    not unless it’s their own young
    people kill babies

  11. Blixa Shirakawa Says:

    “Snufficates”. What a fantabulous word. 🙂

  12. Withershins Says:

    After seeing ol’ Gatsby there… I’m gonna go with the ‘magick’ theory!

    After we got our kitten from underneath the bubble-gum machine at the drug store (seriously, what’s the matter with people?!) he would curl up with my head at night. It was the only part that was sticking out from the blankets. He was like a furry-purry little neck corsage.

    And I met Calan once. She was super-cool to me, and gave me a replacement on a shirt that got eaten by the metaverse. 😉

  13. Withershins Says:

    Aww, I just noticed the little bandage on Gatsby’s tail. Go on ol’ bean–make sure you get every last molecule! 🙂

  14. Rampage Says:

    So I was reading the comments when one said,
    Blixa Shirakawa Says:

    August 22nd, 2007 at 1:28 pm
    “Snufficates”. What a fantabulous word.

    I figured, it would be the title of the comic. I look back, and I see the cat sucking the air out of Vendetta’s mouth, which is somewhat scary…

  15. Starguy Says:

    Vendetta gets just
    desserts. Nailing cat to a
    wall is bad for you.

  16. avshar Says:

    hah!! Gatsby’s revenge. love it. i always wondered why these evil cat stories were spread. must have something to do with the Christian influence in European culture. for a while there cats were hunted down as witch familiars. must have started from those days. Vendetta should have known the cat wouldn’t take that nailing without thoughts of revenge. Silly little sadist. maybe its not really her. just a dummy made to look like her hehe. anyway great job. as someone else mentioned before, Calan is a very nice person with a generous heart. i am glad i saw this comic and came to know her.

    I creep up slowly
    My only thought revenge
    Who is laughing now

  17. SleepingOrange Says:

    I just recently started reading TheBookofBiff thanks to the pressures of a friend of mine, and his guest-strip lead me here. I must say, I like the style of your illustration quite a lot.

    Vendetta, she sleeps.
    The cat hungers for sweet souls-
    this one tastes of fish.

  18. calan Says:

    Welcome Sleeping Orange 🙂

    I hate to break it to you but that was no friend. It’s well known that Chris Hallbeck hires goons to pressure people into reading his webcomic. I bet it went down something like this.

    ‘friend’ – “Hey there Orange. Them’s some real nice fingers ya got there. Would be a shame if you lost any of those. Ya know like say someone chopped off your thumb and fed it to his pitbull? Man, that would suck. Anyways, you start reading the Book of Biff yet like I tol’ you too? ”


  19. Rodro Says:

    Midnight; time for a
    Felis silvestris catus
    Take her breath away…

  20. lamer Says:

    All Cats acknowledge
    All sorts of good and evil
    Just don’t piss them off

  21. Lina Olaria Says:

    Now I must read the Book of Biff . . .

  22. Gin Says:

    My granny used to tell these stories and myths to my siblings and myself when we were young. I was affraid of cats for years. (still am a touch). She told us many stories that i’m still not quite sure how true they were.
    i used to fear sleeping over at my friends house when i was in grade school. i was so sure her cat would try to steal my breath.

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