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the creeps

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

After last week’s comic and the comments that followed, I got to thinking about the phrase, “don’t let the bed bugs bite” and how incredibly creepy it was to hear this before bed as a child.  I looked about the origins but only could find one that is probably not too accurate.  It has to do with the construction of beds way back when.  Mattress frames were slats of wood held by rope.  If the rope was loose the mattress might sag and hit the floor allowing bed bugs to crawl up.  So you wanted to ‘sleep tight” in order to avoid the bed bugs.  However Webster’s explains that the word tight was used at that time much like the word sound, as in to sleep soundly or to get a good night’s rest.  That makes sense.  I really don’t know how the bed bug bit got added, but it’s been responsible for many cases of ‘the willies’ across the globe.

As for the little critters, they are not a myth.  Bed bugs are very very tiny nocturnal insects that feed on human or animal blood.  They are so tiny you might have them and not even know it.  But hey, everyone needs to eat.  You have plenty of blood so no harm done.  Sharing is caring!

Sweet dreams.  I’ll see you next week. 🙂

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20 Responses to “the creeps”

  1. J Says:

    most likely they were two completely unrelated statements that just got stuck together because they rhymed. sounds like something you might find in a nursery rhyme anyway. also, you might note that it says “bugs”. plural. one bug might be below notice, but several hundred of them might be a diffrent matter all together. not to mention the risk of transmissible parasites and such.

    on another note, you’re illustrative style is making great leaps lately calan. the much bolder use of large pools of color (and if i’m not mistaken, a much deeper red) looks great against your increasingly detailed inkwork, and high contrast greyscales. it gives the whole comic a great sense of depth and texture or (as an art teacher i once had may have called it), physicality. i really look forward to seeing you explore this direction further.

  2. Paggles Says:

    A lot of things were said around bedtime, that if thought about, would scare a kid. I have nothing against prayer, but the phrase “and if I die before I wake”……probably had quite an impact on a few kids, lol

    Paggles Whitman

  3. Lsharp Says:

    o my…
    i don’t trust the look on ven’s face,
    i think she has a jar of bed bugs somewhere

  4. Bill Says:

    Vendetta probably does have a jar of bugs somewhere everyone should suspect that but atleast Ginger will have something to keep him company while he’s asleep.

    I also agree with J’s previous comment about the tone of the red and the high contrast greyscales. You do not notice it at first but with a second glance the colors are becoming more emotional, more personal, and more descriptive of what is happening in the pictures. The comics are still great and something to look forward to each week; keep up the good work.

  5. Lenore Says:

    Actually, (it’s quite possible I’m hallucinating, sorry) I learned that it originated in England around King Henry VIII’s time because of the lack of proper medical treatment and more modern hygiene, there were fleas and ticks everywhere. During the day, you had to wear furry vest like things under your clothing so you werent bit. However, when you were sleeping, you couldn’t wear the vest, so you had to snuggle up in your sheets and things, pulling them “tight” to you so the fleas didn’t attack you in your sleep. so: sleep tight= pulling the sheets up to you, don’t let the bed bugs bite= don’t allow the fleas to eat you while you sleep. At least…thats what I learned.

    Also, the comics are beautiful.

  6. Lenore Says:

    Oh. sorry, i should have clicked on the link J put up. oops…

  7. avshar Says:

    Lenore is quite correct. That is where it originated from. People were just nasty back then. Afraid to bathe because they thought it wasn’t healthy to do it often lol. I think people aren’t giving Vendetta enough credit. She doesn’t need a jar of bugs to accomplish her aim. She knows just the mention of them is enough to freak out Ginger hehe. I truly do love this character. She is so unabashedly sadistic. Poor Ginger hasn’t a chance haha.

  8. Starguy Says:

    As long as were talking about horrible things to say to children we must discuss “Rockabye baby”. That is the worlds most horrible song and we sing it to our children. That is just not right.

  9. J Says:



  10. calan Says:

    omg J, that was awesome! The Simpson’s were so much less dysfunctional when they started! wow. Bart looks like he’s about 19 too. hehe. Anyway, thanks for sharing. (readers: i’m referring to j’s link above which is vintage Simpson’s with both rock a bye baby and bed bug references. check it out.)

    J and Bill – to your comments about my artwork…i’ll just say thank you and leave it at that. if i read too much into it or start thinking about it to hard…well idk. i can’t take my work too seriously or it tends to freeze me in my tracks. i do appreciate you noticing little changes and being so encouraging though. 🙂

  11. Chris Says:

    I just want to say that I’m really liking where your are taking the art. 🙂

  12. coolioness Says:

    Dude, J, that was awesome! Yet really wierd.

    I don’t think Ven has a jar of bed bugs. I believe she tames them in the night, and when Ginger least expects it….WHAM! BEDBUG INFESTATION!

  13. J Says:

    you know, it occurs to me that due to his largely glucose based physiology and presumed lack of traditional blood, gingerdead would likely have more to worry about from ants than he would from bedbugs.

  14. Kellan Says:

    I just discovered GingerDead and Friends when I happened upon Nocturnal Threads in SL. I bought a Lenoir outfit because of its overwhelming cuteness…. Then I found the website and read every episode. You have gained another enthralled fan. Thanks Callan!!!

  15. Kellan Says:

    Oops, *Calan–sorry! 🙂

  16. calan Says:

    aww thanks Kellan! maybe i’ll see you in-world some time. 🙂

    i’m not sure if you visited the main store, but the GingerDead stuff is upstairs including free tee, GingerDead doll, balloons and cookie. Be careful with the cookie. :O )

  17. avshar Says:

    Yes, make sure you get a cookie. They are a crack up. I cant help myself, i just keep munching on the thing haha. Where was the doll dang it? i missed it.

  18. Rampage Says:

    When’s Lenoir gonna come back?

  19. Dries Says:

    i like your charcoal work

    but i don’t understand the last line
    srry if i sound dumb now

  20. calan Says:

    aw it’s okay. it’s a sound – evil laugh. you must not be a villain. 😛

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