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we all scream

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Look extra colors!  Know why? It’s because I love each and every one of you.  Or was it because I thought they looked pretty..I forget now.  Anyway, enjoy the comic and I’ll see you next week.

<3 calan gingerdead_boysgirl2.gif

22 Responses to “we all scream”

  1. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Aww, Lenoir felt left out, so she stuck the ice cream to her head.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    pain replaces fun
    ice cream melts like butter as
    the night air stifles

  3. calan Says:

    sometimes it’s hard to relate to others, but we try. 😛

  4. dries Says:

    wow,\\\\\\i really really really loooooooooove icecream

  5. dan Says:

    I like that first panel a lot.

  6. Lsharp Says:

    I love Lenoir’s brain freeze =[)
    U own 😉

  7. Stinkoman87 Says:

    What, no Haiku comments? I was counting on those!

    So cool a comic
    I really did enjoy it
    Ding-dong! Dear Calan

  8. Stinkoman87 Says:

    Whoops, turns out elizabeth posted a haiku.

  9. Starguy Says:

    Seeing Lenoir with the cone attached to her head truly brought a smile to my face.

  10. Seraphine Says:

    i love sugar cones
    momentary discomfort
    pleasurable pain

  11. Gabe Lippmann Says:

    silky smooth delight
    the arctic rapture awaits
    bliss and torment wed

  12. calan Says:

    that’s beautiful gabe. 🙂

    thanks everyone for the haikus, keep em coming!

    welcome to Lsharp and Elizabeth.

    Lsharp you link to explosm. i LOVE cyanide and happiness. wondering if your one of the mad geniuses over there. thanks to your post i spent the morning watching the flash versions. great stuff. 🙂

  13. amanda Says:

    i love Lenoir SO freaking much. her deathly cuteness makes me squeeee.

  14. justme Says:

    like Lenoir, I am
    impervious to Brain Freeze
    alas, I have hair

  15. Heinrich Says:

    lenoir is awesome.
    so is the comic. i plan
    to keep on reading.

  16. calan Says:

    *covers ears from all that squeeeing* 😉

    justme: i was just having this conversation with someone. i didn’t know some people were impervious to brain freeze til recently and that info had something to do with idea for the comic. anyway, that’s cool (or not :P) i guess you can chew icecubes and stuff. weee!

    Heinrich: thank you for that haiku. 🙂

  17. lady darkness Says:

    omg i love this comic its so well done so perfectly made i love lenoir!!!!!

  18. calan Says:

    thanks and welcome lady darkness. 🙂

  19. Rampage Says:

    Lenoir is the best!!!

  20. Brett Says:

    Well, I just finished reading through the archive..and I have to say I’m in love with Gingerdead…

    Thanks for the comics, and keep up the good work!

  21. calan Says:

    thanks for reading brett and taking the time to let me know you dig it. 😀

  22. lamer Says:

    A painful dessert
    No matter what they might say…
    It burns like satan!

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