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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Let’s talk about spooks! The other night I went to see La Vie En Rose, a film about the life of legendary French singer Edith Piaf, at the beautiful old Tampa Theatre which is supposedly haunted. Read the ghost story here. If you’re ever in the Tampa Bay area, a visit to this theater is a must. It has a delightful macabre elegance that must be experienced first hand plus they play a lot of cool art house films, old horror classics and so on.

During the film, I slipped away for a bathroom break and was so taken by the atmosphere of the theater and the fact that the halls and lobby were empty that I decided to take some photos. I lost myself for good 10 minutes before I realized I was missing the film (which was excellent, btw.) I blame the hard cider. 😛 Anyway, I shot mostly close ups of old tapestries, statues, etc. but took one photo from the second floor overlooking part of the lobby. Later that evening I uploaded the images and found I had captured some orbs in that shot.

If you ever watch any shows on paranormal research you’ll know what I’m talking about: little circles of light that weren’t visible when you shot the picture. I believe in spirits and ghosts and such and have personal reasons to, but I’m still a skeptic too and had never put much stock in those ‘orb photos’. It would be very easy to fake and it’s just a little spot of light that could easily be anything. However, I take a lot of digital photos all the time and I have never had one of these orbs show up before and if the skeptics are right and it’s just dust then why don’t they show up more frequently? I have to admit to finding it interesting that the one time I get one of these abnormalities on a photograph happens to be on a photo I took in a place that is believed to be haunted.

I’m not sure what i make of it but I do think it’s neat and thought you might like to see so I’ll post the photo below, as well as a close up of the most visible orb ( I’ve become fond of this little blip of light and am calling it Bumbel. :P) While we’re on the subject, I have to say that as for paranormal investigators those TAPS roto rooter guys rock. (Ghost Hunters – Sci fi channel) I love that they take a serious approach to it and are more than happy to disprove stuff rather than act like a bunch of twits screaming OMG did you hear that and pretending something is happening when it’s not. The British Most Haunted show is a freaking joke. I’ll cut that rant off right there because it’s irrelevant.
So, I did a bit of research and found that a Tampa Bay paranormal team (S.P.I.R.I.T.S.) has been out to the theater a few times and you can see some images with orbs on their website here. I don’t know a thing about this group like how serious they are or what sort of approach they take, but that one photo called “Cindy’s picture” sure looks a lot like my orb. It’s even in the same location of the lobby.

I’m thinking another trip to Tampa Theatre is in order. I think they do tours. I’m curious to see if I took more photos the same thing would happen or it was just a fluke. Maybe I can bring a recorder while I’m at it and try to capture some E.V.P. Weeee!

Tampa Theatre Lobby Orbs

Close Up of Orb

20 Responses to “weakness”

  1. Gabe Lippmann Says:

    Wonderful. Ice cream is worth it, no matter what. Don’t forget to have them put a mini marshmallow in the bottom of the sugar cone to keep it from leaking!

    That is a really unique looking theater.

  2. calan Says:

    oooh that’s a great idea. although i scoff down ice cream before it has a chance to leak through the cone.

    yeah, the theater rocks. get your arse down to FL so we can go ghost hunting. 😛

  3. Seraphine Says:

    this pain i enjoy
    immobile headache brain freeze
    my tongue is eager

    Those aren’t orbs, Calan.
    Those are pose balls.
    I don’t suppose you tried jumping onto one?

  4. Starguy Says:

    It is always good to know the weakness of your enemy. As for the photos I’m more on the skeptic side of tne issue but who knows.

  5. calan Says:

    Starguy, you sound like an open-minded skeptic which is the best approach in my opinion.

    Seraphine – your pose balls comment cracked me up! I couldn’t see them in order to right click on them and hop on. Maybe that’s a good thing as i wouldn’t want to be caught out in the lobby sexxxoring up the floor or something :O
    (second life references for those of you that are wondering wtf we’re talking about)

  6. justme Says:

    mmm, cookies ‘n’ cream
    one of my favorite flavors
    that’s right, don’t be scared

  7. Rampage Says:

    ….HuHH?? Nice try indeed…

  8. Adam_Y Says:

    Y’know, the theatre might not be haunted, but your camera may be.

  9. calan Says:


  10. avshar Says:

    well if you look at the room you can see that its pretty dark and therefore ANY reflective surface is going to come out including bugs and large dust particles. in fact 99% of all orb photos are just that, something reflecting in the flashes light. i have seen a few that couldnt be explained but they are very few. i am involved in hunting ghosts and we never bother with orb garbage. at least in photos that is. hope any ghost hunting you do will go well but dont be fooled by images like this.

  11. calan Says:

    hiya and welcome avshar. i posted the photos with amused curiosity not as any serious evidence of paranormal activity. if i took the photos terribly seriously i wouldn’t have drawn a boo caption on the orb nor named it bumbel. 😛 i do think it’s interesting given the history of the theatre but it would take a heck of a lot more than a photo abnormality to prove anything.
    anyway, it’s nice to have a ghost hunter drop by and i appreciate your comment. feel free to leave a url of the organization you work with if you like, in case people are interested in learning more.

  12. avshar Says:

    vendetta is my favorite character even though she doesnt get much play. as to ghost hunting im sorry to say we are too small time for a website and all that. just the three of us with our cameras and voice recorders. some day we will put one together but right now its all about the hunting lol.

  13. calan Says:

    it’s too bad you don’t have a website yet. maybe you guys will get a wordpress or blogger account (those are free and easy to use) and start a blog about your investigations. that would be cool. 🙂

    glad you’re enjoying the comic.

  14. avshar Says:

    lol sorry about that. feel free to choke away. i dont speak french so that is why i assumed it was. i wasnt concerned about it in any way. she was different enough for it not to be an issue. just figured you had read it and liked it enough to be part of your work. i am sure you have heard it a lot though hehe. so far we havent had much success in ghost hunting. only thing cool that happened was at a farm house near tulare california a chair moved right out of my friends hand as she was leaning on it. like whatever did it didnt want her to lean on the furniture. it sucked because we were wrapping up and didnt have any cameras on at the time. scared her pretty bad but i didnt want to leave after that happened. the ghost hunters show on sci-fi channel makes it seem so easy to catch stuff but really you have to work hard and be very lucky to find anything. we have gotten evp’s, some are even creepy but nothing in response to our questions. we just have to keep trying. so anyway thanks for clearing the name problem up for me. talk to you later. take care.

  15. calan Says:

    no worries. i’ve only actually heard it three times but i still felt the need to clarify. it’s actually good it came up as it has me thinking an faq page might be in order.

    i imagine the worst part of ghost hunting is going through all that footage after the fact. it must take a lot of dedication (and caffeine, perhaps) to carefully sift through hours of audio and video. i have a lot of respect for serious paranormal investigators. anyways, it’s nice to have you here. happy hunting!

  16. NobleSavage Says:

    Ghost Hunters rocks, and so does this comic.

  17. gingerdead.com » Archive » holiday voodoo (haiku) Says:

    […] Guess whose going to see The Dresden Dolls on January 10th?  ME!  I’m over-the-moon excited about it.  Brechtian Punk cabaret, baby, hoO!   If you don’t know who they are I may have to glove slap you.  Go watch some Dresden Doll videos post haste!  Check for show dates in your city/country here.  I can’t believe it, but here they are performing at the Tampa Theater which I blogged a bit about once before.  It’s old, allegedly haunted and just so atmospheric. They couldn’t have picked a better location in this area.  Hey, I just realized that now the interwebz will know where to find me.  O.o  Well, I guess if you ever planned on stalking me, this is your big chance! […]

  18. gingerdead.com » Archive » Stendhal Syndrome (haiku) Says:

    […] Okay, get ready to jump my shit again.  But, here we are back at Tampa Theater.  Remember the last time I went there and got the orb picture?  Well, Jim takes at least 20 pictures a day.  He’s a camera junkie.  A lot of his pics are taken in dark music venues because he’s a musician.  No orbs…ever..not until he took pics at Tampa theater. I know they don’t prove anything.  I watch Ghost Hunters too. Haha.  So save it.  I just think it’s interesting, okay?! […]

  19. Aqua Says:

    I went on a feil trip there to day and they told us the story about the ghost and that is was named phinx. I was so freaked out!

  20. calan Says:

    Aqua – cool. i’d like to do one of those tours like you did. i love ghost stories!

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