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Guest Comic by Chris Hallbeck

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Today’s comic is a guest appearance by one of my favorite comickers: Chris Hallbeck.  Chris was nice enough to befriend me via email when my comic had only been online a couple of weeks.  It sort of blew my mind that someone not associated with me actually liked what I was doing enough to email.  His encouragement and friendship ever since has meant the world to me.  If you aren’t already familiar with his genius, please check out The Book of Biff.

See you next week. 🙂


12 Responses to “Guest Comic by Chris Hallbeck”

  1. Andrew (PerhapsToast) Says:

    I love Lenoir. (: Nice comic Chris ^.^

  2. Laynne Says:

    Oh, Lenoir… I can almost hear your tummy rumbling.

  3. dragonbrad Says:

    hay calan just started reading the comic and i have to say it prettey good you just got a new reader

  4. Seraphine Says:

    oh lenoir my love
    food is not so important
    je t’aime bones and all

  5. calan Says:

    thanks and welcome dragonbrad 🙂

    lovely haiku seraphine!

  6. Synchro Says:

    It looks really odd to have Lenoir on all that bright background… XD

  7. Starguy Says:

    This comic feels creepier than any that Calan did. By the way I never nentioned I found this comic through book of biff so I guess you can lump me with dragonbrad.

  8. Zef Says:

    Poor little Lenoir
    Microwave can’t dry your dog
    Next time use towels

    not sure about this one, it’s kinda late, but trying to leave a haiku anyways.

  9. justme Says:

    gruesome urban myth
    plays out in Lenoir’s kitchen
    she is quite bemused

  10. Rampage Says:

    Well, I like your comics! And I already read the book of Biff, so, yeah.. You gots yourself a new reader!

  11. calan Says:

    yay! welcome Rampage.

    Zef: your haiku is great. that last line made me laugh.

    justme – i hadn’t even thought about the urban legend but your absolutely right. i’m actually a big fan of urban legends usually. some of the crap that gets passed around via email nowadays is taking the fun out of them though. i’m tired of reading these stupid warnings to women about some bullshit story. if someone forwards me that garbage i research it on places like snopes and reply with debunking details and a good scolding. 😛

    Starguy, consider yourself lumped.

    Synchro, i dont think i welcomed you, so welcome. 🙂

  12. Dries Says:

    great guestcomic!!!

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