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death play (haiku)

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

A perky little haiku to brighten your week! Hoo! Okay, maybe not. But, Ennui looks kinda cute with bone stilts.  That should count for something.

I’m not terribly chatty tonight, so I’ll simply bid you farewell until next week.  Oh, and thanks for the lovely haiku  last week.  I really enjoyed reading them.

<3 calan


13 Responses to “death play (haiku)”

  1. Gabe Lippmann Says:

    primal promenade
    upon brittle ancient limbs
    draws forth kindred souls

  2. Starguy Says:

    Gingerdead juggles
    Skulls and Lenoir is having
    Fun on her bone stilts

    Yay 2nd post

  3. Seraphine Says:

    don’t play with the dead
    my mother never said, so
    i guess it’s ok

  4. eris Says:

    frolicking dead kids
    play with clattering bone dice
    it isn’t Vegas!

  5. Zef Says:

    Remains of those past
    Histories small reminders
    Of the ones we’ve lost

  6. justme Says:

    though they may be dead
    as long as we play with them
    they’re not really gone

  7. Stinkoman87 Says:

    I wonder how Lenoir feels about this use if her bony bretheren? Not too bad, I guess.

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    What good are bones if you can’t play with them? I think it’s very clever of our ancestors to transform themselves into our playthings after death.

  9. Chazz Says:

    Old bones and new skulls
    The best way to find some fun
    Ouija boads get lame

  10. Rodro Says:

    Throw them in the air
    And catch them as they fall down
    Skulls make real good toys

  11. Munkymu Says:

    Levitating bones
    surround his cakey head; a
    skeletal halo.

  12. lamer Says:

    So what if my friends
    Are no longer existing
    Their remains are fun

  13. gingerdead.com » Archive » savage garden (haiku) Says:

    […] In other news, I updated the GingerDead store with a new t-shirt design from the Death Play haiku strip. So, if you feel like buying stuff, go here. I’ve had a fair amount of sales over the last few weeks.  If would love to see some pics of people posing in t-shirts and even post them on the site.  If you’re camera shy you can chop your head off I suppose or carve a pumpkin head and wear that.  That would be sweet! […]

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