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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Well, the morale of this week’s comic is be happy with who you are…or at least don’t accept a makeover from someone who hates your guts. 


I will be adding a bonus comic this week on Friday, so please check back.

I was interviewed by SL business magazine and have a great article featured in the 06 Jan issue.  It’s about GingerDead’s inception, the GingerDead collection in Second life and my t-shirts in real life.  If you don’t know what Second Life is, see for yourself here. It’s free and pretty damn cool.

Recently, I drew a little cartoon character I call Super Sad.  He’s sort of an emo superhero.  I did this as somewhat of an inside joke to members of Second Life.  There are occasionally problems and the CEO of Linden Labs made the comment that he was “super sad”.  This spawned a whole lot of sarcastic usage of the phrase on forums and such.  Anyway, here’s the pic of the character and you can get Super Sad tees here. For Second Life members there are free tees at my virtual store, Nocturnal Threads. 🙂

Super Sad

I also wanted to share this awesome button that Mike Jensen of Lonely Fetus did. 


GingerDead button by Mike Jensen

Mike hand draws each button to every comic he links to.  It’s the coolest thing ever and I’m honored that he included GingerDead and Friends.  If you want to link to me, please take one of the buttons or banners I designed and don’t steal Mike’s work.  This is strictly for his website.  Please do check out his comic.  It’s smart and thoughtful and funny.  He has such a unique art style that I really love. 

Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. 🙂


8 Responses to “Makeover”

  1. Andrew (PerhapsToast) Says:

    Gingerdead is getting no love these days. ):

  2. EvilCouch Says:

    Well, clearly he won’t be confused for a girl anymore. His sister’s so helpful.

  3. Matt Sandbrook Says:

    Haha her little tongue while painting! Your artwork’s improving with every strip and Vendetta is a mean cutie, she needs spanking or eating or both twice!

  4. calan Says:

    thanks matt! I’m trying.

    As far as Vendetta goes, I don’t think you would get more than one spank in before you were toast. 😛

    Why didn’t you make your name do the linky thing? Extra typing for me means perhaps it’s you whose going to be on the receiving end of the spanking stick. :O

    Check out Matt’s comic and flash shorts here:

  5. MacariaWind Says:

    Hey there – had to stop by to shop and read this week’s comic. You go girl! Did ya hear – SLBusiness is going to a blog 🙁 s’okay tho – lots of others! Love the stuff you’re doing – keep it up!

  6. calan Says:

    heya macaria. yep i heard, but personally i hate pdfs anyway. i still made the last full magazine annoying pdf version and the article is really great so i’m quite pleased. i had better print it though, before it’s gone from the interwebz 4evah :O

  7. Zombie_Rob Says:

    As a metal-head, I’m having trouble not wounding Super Sad. Haha. Great comic, though. Highly amusing. Wish I had an undead stalker…

  8. calan Says:

    Zombie_Rob – His new name just became Super Scared. eep! How do you know you don’t have an undead stalker? Next time you’re cruising in your dragula, check the backseat. O.o

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