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christmas noose haiku

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Hiya 🙂

Another haiku, hoooo! You may be wondering why this week’s strip looks different. I’m wondering too. Maybe I’m different this week…nah!

When I work on the haiku strips I tend to let myself style them a little different than a regular strip. The truth is that this was going to have just two images, three at the most, but as I was working on it, I changed the haiku and then felt the additional drawings were needed to compliment it. This made for some complications in layout but i think it turned out pretty good in the end. I hope you enjoy!

I received an early Christmas present this week from my mom. It’s my GingerDead cards, specifically the Lenoir “Let it Snow” ones. It is really cool to see them in real life. They came out so professional, too.  I was really kind of jazzed to hold them. Whomever thinks cafe press sucks is quite mistaken.  I have a couple of tees and now the cards and I’m really happy with all of it.

That’s all for now.  Whatever you celebrate I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  A special bright blessings shout out to all of you celebrating yule tomorrow.
love and light 😉

GingerDead Goth Art on Etsy

18 Responses to “christmas noose haiku”

  1. calan Says:

    wow i just realized that GingerDead in that last panel looks a lot like my old pug dog, Jelly Junkins. He was sooo cute and gassy. I miss that lil guy. 🙁

  2. Gabe Says:

    Lovely. You rock.

    blue tongue sticking out
    awaits a drifting snow flake
    for eternity

  3. Chris Hallbeck Says:

    GD looks like he enjoys being choked. 🙂

  4. calan Says:

    damn gabe, that’s awesome. it makes me want to draw something morbid and wintery. 🙂


    cords itch, burn and sting
    ecstatic smiling occurs
    we all have our thing

  5. EvilCouch Says:

    Ecstasy in death,
    Ginger Dead likes feeling pain.
    Spank him with a sword!

  6. Arahan Claveau Says:

    gift horse mouth
    seasonal death greeting
    to each their own

  7. Sansarya Says:

    gingerly opened
    red rope burn collar o’ love
    an eye-popping gift

  8. Andrew (PerhapsToast) Says:

    If you put some pom poms on Gingerdead on the second to last frame, she’d look just like a cheerleader being choked to death. ^.^

  9. calan Says:


    you called him a girl
    now he’s alarmed and confused
    new name: GenderBread

  10. Phoenix Psaltery Says:

    you’ve done it again
    made me grin at your morbid
    little comic strip

    now I must go and
    find GD’s a gift for the Yule
    perhaps a new crypt?


  11. Phoenix Psaltery Says:


    now I must go and
    find GD’s gift for the Yule
    perhaps a new crypt?



  12. Andrew (PerhapsToast) Says:

    Don’t all Gingerbread people have gender confusion problems?

  13. EvilCouch Says:

    I’m sure that Andrew was just confused. After all, Ginger Dead and Vendetta are twins. :p

  14. Gabe Says:

    perhaps ginger dead
    is too sexy for this strip
    you know what I mean?

  15. calan Says:

    i know what you mean
    being covered in icing
    easy on the eyes

  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Poor little cookie.
    Gender unknown until you
    lick off the icing.

  17. lamer Says:

    So easily, a
    gift can become a nightmare
    please wish carefully

  18. calan Says:

    keiki: hawt! 😛

    lamer: goosebumps

    everyone: you all rock! ty for contributing!

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