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friendship haiku

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006


As promised, today’s comic is something a little different than the usual strip format. I will occasionally throw these haiku moments in the mix.  Don’t be frightened.  😛

If you notice GingerDead’s hair is missing you can assume the bird licked it off.  Do birds even have tongues?  I dont know.  The truth is this is one of the earliest drawings I did of GingerDead and he didn’t have hair yet.  I decided to leave him in vintage format here.

This drawing was used on merchandise in my cafepress store before the GingerDead and Friends webcomic was conceived.  Anyway, blah blah blah.  I hope you enjoyed today’s comic.  I’ll see you on Wednesday.


26 Responses to “friendship haiku”

  1. Gabe Says:

    I love your haikus
    And digesting body parts
    Both make me giggle

  2. Gabe Says:

    the tongue of a bird
    has a lovely rough texture
    better to lick with

  3. calan Says:

    your mouth words are hot
    cover your ears young children
    this could get raunchy

  4. Gabe Says:

    thoughts of blood and tongue
    anticipation grips me
    approaching the edge

  5. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    just a comic strip
    but your subconscious screams out
    “please tear me apart”

  6. Chris Hallbeck Says:

    your head is shiny
    no cause for you to worry
    this drawing is old

  7. Charstar Goodman Says:

    thoughts of dough
    crunchy, shiny, dead
    lingering on to be feed

  8. Circe Timtam Says:

    delightful ginger
    how your spices taunt me so
    i eat, i die…happy

  9. Phoenix Psaltery Says:

    Dark and funny but
    I cannot keep from saying
    “Worldly” is misspelled.

  10. Arahan Claveau Says:

    to care not what
    where wings beat me
    over and above crab

  11. Augustus Bainbridge Says:

    I hope to not be
    Eaten like GingerDead, man
    Being eaten…scary

  12. calan Says:

    mispelled file replaced
    yet the old file still remains
    how’s that possible?

  13. calan Says:

    it was my mistake
    computer is innocent
    i think i’m slipping


  14. Seraphine Says:

    Bird rolls leg on tongue
    Tasting the jam between toes
    Swallows, squats and poops

  15. Sansarya Says:

    November rolls ’round
    The raven feasts on the Dead
    Making me hungry.

  16. EvilCouch Says:

    Children don’t like me
    I only like children
    with mustard and bread

  17. Lucifer Says:

    Well done Kaia Ennui
    Dark but funny as always
    you are a genius

  18. Debeenz Pavlova Says:

    Poor little Ginger
    Hope crow is not on Aitkens
    Carbs make you bloated

  19. Matt Sandbrook Says:

    Tasty gingerbread,
    on an unrelated note,
    Friday is the best!

  20. Blixa Shirakawa Says:

    You NEED to put that on a shirt so I can buy it. 🙂

  21. Cos Ryan Says:

    I have to say this
    Your comic is delightful
    Thanks Project Wonder…..ful.

  22. Neil Says:

    I think this is your best one yet. Keep ’em up.

  23. J Says:

    just got here from biff
    enjoy reading the archive
    first actual lol

  24. CottonFluff Says:

    That must really hurt
    And still Ginger keeps smiling
    He is a trooper.

  25. calan Says:

    wow you’re all wonderful. i can’t tell you how much i enjoyed all these comment haikus!

    i have had a few mention they would like this on a t-shirt and i want you to know I heard you and it will happen soon. since this drawing was done early on it’s actually quite small, i need to redo it in order to print it on tees. as soon as i can find the time, i’ll do it and let you know. 🙂

  26. coolioness Says:

    Quoth the Raven, Have some more.

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