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candy apple

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Hope you enjoy this week’s comic.  Next week there will be two comics as I did a special Halloween strip, so be sure to check back on Tuesday as well as Wednesday of next week.
Well, GingerDead and Friends had it’s first bit of press in the metaverse.  Hooo!  Toni Bentham of Second Life’s Metaverse Messenger did a great article. Thanks Toni!  If you’re interested you can read it here on page 12.

I recently found out webcomic Patrick Grey has a Second Life presence in the way of a totally cool build that lets you walk around “inside” the comic.  Of course, GingerDead and Ennui had to invade. There is a brief article and cool pics on my SL blahg.  Check it out.
See you on Halloween. 🙂

4 Responses to “candy apple”

  1. Salem Pussycat Says:

    *cracks up* It just makes me giggle on how much lenoir knows about ginger since he just ‘loves’ apples and she just hides there with one on her hook….Can’t wait for next weeks!

  2. Sansarya Says:

    heh, love it! i want a Lenoir doll….pleassse???

  3. calan Says:

    haha 🙂 yes, a lenoir doll is definitely something you’ll see conjured in the metaverse in the future. i have a lot of cool stuff planned, but not enough me to get it done as fast as i’d like.

    thanks so much for reading. 😀

  4. aprill Says:

    lol!! i love the “scarecrows r us” panel, that crow cracks me up. now i want a crow that goes pfft.

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